My most ridiculous death

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My most ridiculous death

I shooted 10 (AND HIT) crude broad arrows into a bad mutha.
He just keept advance/charge me like it was any regular day.

He caught up with me.

He one shooted me with a crude broad arrow to the head.

anyone else thinks that ranged bow fighting is underpowered?


Even with a compound bow + ranged, I can burn over 15 broadheads vs a single opponent, although sometimes I've killed with only 2 shots before.

Bow lethality and ammunition production time cost is completely underpowered compared to the simple sling. If bleeding damage were increased, shooting an target (like, a deer) and then stalking it until it died from bloodloss might be viable, but as it stands, the compound bow needs a buff.

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I have killed 3 DMC guards with mine, in 2 hits.

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I always use the sling and bow when fighting. very effective when used together, just beware of dogmen.

Have a great day.

I've used the bow well on a Ranged expert character, but your right that sometimes it seems to take a fair amount of ammo....

Which is why I set up about a dozen camps around the ATN each with 20 arrows in stock when I set out with my bow for hunting. It is also worth noting that each and every single camp I create would have the enough materials to craft a dozen arrows. But you are correct, arrow damage can be a little low so I would blast anything away if it started get close enough to hit me with a real gun. As a result I was able to spend a little time here and there crafting arrows when required, then enjoy enough gun ammo to run amok when I should be so inclined.

Sadly a poor choice in a non combat encounter lead to the death of this character :'(

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