Testing Encounters, and Item Movement

I started testing the encounter I finished adding yesterday. I've already done some bug fixing for flow issues and text. Upon finishing one possible branch, it became apparent that the item rewards might get lost or ignored. So I started looking into ways to make items more obvious when given as a reward.

One feature I'm currently adding to solve this is to add item movement in take/drop mode. Whenever an item is transferred to a new place, I now make it smoothly fly over to its destination. Previously, it would instantly appear at the destination.

In cases where the destination is on another screen (such as getting treasure from scavenging or an encounter), the item will fly to the button for the appropriate screen (such as Items or Camp). And lastly, if the encounter results in a single item attached to the cursor, it will fly smoothly and attach to the cursor.

Overall, I think the effect does what I want: it makes it more obvious where items go when transferring, and more obvious when new items are rewarded. There are still some bugs to sort out tomorrow, though (seeing the AI's items from time to time, etc.)

I may also need to make encounter treasure pack into a container before giving it to the player, just to avoid mingling with items already in the hex. I'll be looking into that tomorrow too.

That's all for now. Have a good one!