[Mod] Classic Skill Selection Mod (v2.0) [for NeoScavenger v1.04+]

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[Mod] Classic Skill Selection Mod (v2.0) [for NeoScavenger v1.04+]

Since version 0.9951b, NeoScavenger has used a points-based system for selecting starting Abilities; you have 15 points and each Ability costs a certain number of these, while taking negative Flaws will give you extra points to spend. The more powerful and useful in-game that an Ability is, the more points it costs to take.

Prior to v0.9951b, however, all NeoScavenger Abilites were worth the same; you could select any four Abilities, with each Flaw taken granting one extra Ability slot.

While I personally prefer the new system for handling starting Abilities, I have seen several long-time NeoScavenger players lament this change. Thus, I made this mod for those who prefer the "old" way.

Classic Skill Selection Mod v2.0 (for NeoScavenger 1.04+)


With this mod, when creating your character you may select up to four Abilities for free; none are more "costly" to take than others, but some will be more useful, so decide carefully!

To take more than four Abilities, you may take any number of Flaws. Each Flaw taken lets you take one extra Ability.


Unpack this mod to your NeoScavenger folder (it should end up in the subfolder "Mods"). The included "getmods.php" file will activate the mod automatically.

For expert users, also included in the package is "getmods.ClassicSkillSelection.php", a backup in case you accidentally delete the new "getmods.php".


Included is a "compatibility patch" for use with Chiko's NeoScav Extended mod. If you use that mod, copy "getmods.Extended+ClassicSkillSelection.php" to your main NeoScavenger folder and rename to "getmods.php".

There is also a "compatibility patch" for use with my own Fishing Mod. If you use that mod, copy "getmods.Fishing+ClassicSkillSelection.php" to your main NeoScavenger folder and rename to "getmods.php".

Alternately, if you use both the above mods (NeoScav Extended and Fishing), , copy "getmods.Extended+Fishing+ClassicSkillSelection.php" to your main NeoScavenger folder and rename to "getmods.php".

There is also now a "compatibility patch" for use with Layarion's Overhaul mod. If you use that mod, copy "getmods.Overhaul+ClassicSkillSelection.php" to your main NeoScavenger folder and rename to "getmods.php" (if you want Overhaul and Fishing and Classic Skill Selection, use getmods.Overhaul+Fishing+ClassicSkillSelection.php instead).

Finally, this mod is fully compatible with Kaaven's MmMoD. For those who don't wish to edit their "getmods.php" files manually, the included "getmods.MmMoD+ClassicSkillSelection.php" can be renamed and used to play both mods together.

Most recent cross-mod compatibility (as of writing): NSE v3.7, MmMoD v0.91, Fishing v2.0, Overhaul v1.6h.


I consider this mod "finished" as it stands, unless anyone finds any bugs (please let me know!), a future NeoScavenger version renders it in need of updating, or another popular mod requires a new compatibility patch be added.

26/03/2019: Fixed broken link to download. Note: this is NOT an "updated" version of the mod for the current stable build, that is something I'm still working on... I just wanted to make the dead links active again.

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Recent updates to Chiko's NSE cause an unknown conflict that prevents both that mod and this one ("Classic Skill Selection Mod", aka CSSM) running together.

I've made a test version of CSSM that adds the new Smoker trait NSE now adds, but get the same error (crashes loading images for NSE), so that's not the issue. NeoScavenger sadly isn't very helpful with error messages, all I can think of is that "something" new in NSE doesn't like being "added to".

I'm not sure what or why and don't have time right now to track it down, but for now, you might have to do without CSSM if you want to use the latest NSE (versions 0.30 and higher), folks. Sorry!

If Chiko or anyone else can shed light on this sudden issue, feel free to let me know! I don't use CSSM personally, but I know a lot of folks do, so I'd like to fix this as soon as possible.

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Hey Banjo,

I finally had a chance to check this out, and it looks like this may be an issue with the way the game treats mod folder paths. In your merged getmods.php for CSSM and NSE, you have the following:

nRows=4 &strModName0=NSE&strModURL0=NeoScavExtended &strModName1=0&strModURL1=0 &strModName2=0&strModURL2=Mods/ClassicSkillSelection/Over &strModName3=NSE&strModURL3=Mods/ClassicSkillSelection/Merge_NSE

The game is stumbling on the duplicate strModNames. Basically, the game reads this list of mod names and folder paths first, storing the info as it goes, and then starts reading data from the disk. And because you define two folders with the same strModName, the game is trying to find content in the last defined path.

E.g. it's looking for the NSE images in "Mods/ClassicSkillSelection/Merge_NSE" instead of the "NeoScavExtended" folder.

I need to look into this a bit more, as I'm not sure how best to fix it. I might be able to make the modding parser stronger by having it record each name/path combo separately, without overwriting, so each step uses the right path. This situation will probably come up more often as more mods are created and mixed.

However, I'll need to also make sure that overrides continue to work if I do this. I'll be looking into this more tomorrow, most likely.

Just wanted to give you an update!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Thanks so much for the help... but turned out that it's WASN'T an engine problem as we both thought at all but a stupid little typo on my part! Doh! Sorry, mate!

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Updated to work with NeoScavenger v1.04+, as well as the latest (as of writing) version of NSE. I also added compatibility for the great Overhaul mod and its fun new traits and skills.

Finally, I'm thrilled to report that I've fixed the error Dan and I discuss above; it turns out the reason nobody could solve it was NOT because of an engine limitation but because it was due to a stupid little typo I made in a filename ("png.png")! Fixing that fixed the mod, AND wonderfully showed me that what I wanted to be able to do ("patch" a mod the way we can overwrite vanilla game files) CAN be done! Sorry, Dan!

As always, please let me know if there are bugs to be squashed or errors encountered!

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I'm having some troubles installing this mod along with Fishing and NSE, i've understood that i have to pick the getmods with all three mods in the name, but i'm not sure on which folders i should pick from every mod, since you've written "it should end up in the subfolder "mods"" does it mean that the whole folder "mods" has to be pasted into the NS folder or should i pick the subfolder from "mods" folder? Since the subfolder with the name of the mod has a lot getmods and other folders both possibilities seem wrong to me, so i would courteously ask if you can clarify the whole thing to me :)

PS English is not my mother language sometimes, like this one, i have some troubles understanding instructions

Edit: i had a nice idea giving a look to the compatibility getmods.php file, so i got what i had to do on my own :D thanks for creating these mods :)

Whenever you craft something in this mod it decimates your crafting list, What's up with that? Specifically it removes recipes on the first page when you use the trapping skill to craft the dogman coat at the start of the game

Banjo hasn't been around in a while, and this build was made during early access. It's possible there's a bug in there somewhere, or some change from the newer builds isn't agreeing with the mod. Haven't tried this one in a while, but, if you're interested, his other mods appeared to function more or less bugfree last I checked.

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Updated download link to work again! Sorry the mod isn't fully updated for the latest build, I hope to do that at some point in the near future, but at least now it can be downloaded and saved rather than being lost to the mists of time! :)

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does this work with layarions merge mod? if so, can you please make a merge for it?
i would be truly grateful if you could but i am not forcing you.

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