Plot Implementation and Review

I finished implementing the encounter I showed in Friday's news. There was a minor hang-up when I realized one section where the player can trade one of several items required separate outcome nodes for each traded item, to ensure the right item was subtracted from the player. That was annoying, but not worth writing a new system for yet, so I just had to suck it up and deal with the tedious task. The rest of the encounter work went smoothly, though. I knocked out a handful of new treasure and condition entries in the data, activated them on the appropriate nodes, and I should be able to begin testing tomorrow.

I also reviewed Cameron's latest draft of an encounter he's been working on. It's looking good, so once I've tested my own, I'll probably start hooking his up, and getting that running.

It'll be nice to switch to a new encounter after working on the last one for so long. I'm a bit concerned it took as long as it did, given the fact that there are several more left to do in the plot's critical path. It's early in the process, so we may yet grow more efficient in creating them. Plus, this encounter was probably too wordy, which maybe means future ones can be fewer nodes, and therefore, faster. One can hope, anyway!

That's all for today. Hope everyone has a good night, and catch you tomorrow!