A way to make an NPC avoid others?

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A way to make an NPC avoid others?

Is there a way to make an NPC avoid stepping into an hex occupied by another NPC?

A while ago, I made a faction of "Cleaners" in my mod which job is to pick up stuff lying around on the ground and despawn after a set amount of time, effectively cleaning areas of mountains of easy to grab loot. I made them friendly with every faction and vice versa so they wouldn't die trying to to fulfill this... quest of them. :P

The problem with them is they like to stumble upon the player and NPCs, probably because there's loot in that hex, and then run away, which often happens more than once at night.

So... is there a way to make them refrain from their impulse of doing that?

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How about giving them night vision (condition 57) and lowering their Morale?

The latest update gave them night vision but I haven't tried the morale thing. Now that you mention that, I'll check the deer table since they rarely step on the player's current hex. I've actually never been "ambushed" by a deer.

Edit: I just checked and their morale is already lower than a deer's morale. Maybe if I make it so they are hostile towards anything instead of friendly.

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