The new point buy system sucks.

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The new point buy system sucks.

The point buy system is bad for a number of reasons. Back in the day you had always a set amount of abilities you can aquire in character creation. Now they all have a value based on their usefullness in the game. It stinks because it forces you to choose flaws and/or less good attributes. The game has been made harder I feel, because I cant survive past 6 days, when I was able to survive at one point for 22 days. More dudes are packing some serious heat on the very beginning of the game, where you will be most likely having only a spear or a greenwood bow. The "rebalance" doesnt help at all. I liked this game alot, but this new change really spoiled it for me. I hope the creator of the game changes it back, but I doubt it.

To me, the change is for the better, since with only four equal choices I'd never pick the more interesting (but less useful) skills like Hacking or Tracking or Electrician because I just couldn't stay alive in the early game without Tough, Strong, Athletic, etc. Now I can pick a "good" skill, but also a couple of minor ones to mess around with, too.

As someone who has gone on record saying that the game can be a bit too hard at times, especially early on, I actually find the "skill points" rebalance makes things easier rather than harder, but that's just my opinion. I do think we need a couple more Flaws to balance things out, though (Chiko's Extended mod adds two very good ones).

However, while I personally much prefer the new system, I know how it feels when something you like in a game gets changed to something you don't.

So, I made this especially for you (and anyone else who prefers the "old" skill selection system):
Classic Skill Selection Mod


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Haven't tried this update yet
But from what I've seen it seems better

Edit: Tried new build. It is different for sure, but it's not "worse"

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

Yes i like the new update as well, before it was all to easy to make a immortal god, now its only slightly harder