Text Editing

Now that v0.9952b is live, I'm waiting to see if it has any surprise bugs. If things look smooth enough, I'll be promoting it to the default build.

Furthermore, I think v0.9952b may be a candidate for my entry into SXSW and PAX East Indie Megabooth next year. Both deadlines are approaching, and I'm eligible to enter. It certainly couldn't hurt to get some extra exposure if NEO Scavenger's nominated! It'd also be cool to finally show it at a conference.

In the meantime, I've decided to start working on suggested text edits made by Tactless recently. Tactless has done a rather extensive editing pass on the neogame.xml file, working on more consistent verb tenses, spelling, encounter titles, and more.

It's a long list of changes, and requires a careful eye to see if each one has any hidden "gotchas." However, it's already been a tremendous help, so thanks, Tactless!

That's about all I have to report today. Mostly behind-the-scenes stuff, much of which may continue tomorrow. Have a good night, all!


Rovlad's picture

Is "Player You can see again" going to be reworded? :)

dcfedor's picture

Maybe I should leave that in, for posterity.

"Player You can see again," like "Somebody set us up the bomb."

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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I know what you mean, I'd be kinda sad seeing it going. I say, leave it as it is. It's a neat quirk.
Also, kinda reminds me of "welcome to die" (which was VOICED, mind you) from some old X-Men arcade game, or "I AM ERROR" guy from Zelda 2.

Edit: okay, that might be not so neat because in some circumstances you get to see it repeatedly, and it quickly loses its charm and might get annoying. But you know what, screw it, keep it anyway. It makes for an awesome forum LP thread name.

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You should definitely have this be a candidate! (unless they intend on stealing the credit for the game)
More advertisements and shown game play the better, it's just a shame you can't have T.V adds.