[0.9952b] Bugs and Issues

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[0.9952b] Bugs and Issues

I have an issue with the current pic of the Night Vision skill (ItmSkillNightVision.png): it's shown as "Nightvision", one word! Can you please change it back, since I know it was spelled correctly before?

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Ah, I must've re-typed that one when I added the dots. I'll fix that now, thanks!

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I just had an issue where the game froze up, unable to press any icons on the map. I happened right after I pressed the End Turn button. Actually, I was able to click on the End Turn button again but none of the other buttons worked. The only thing of note from it was the cursor said "Next Possible Item" I couldn't click on the map, nor anything else, just the end turn button I tried then it freed up. Here is an image of when it was happening: http://i.imgur.com/LhkgHMT.png

Also, did the craft for adding a scope to a rifle with strap change? Then one on the wiki didn't work for me when I tried it.

Trapping skill nerf or WAD?

Can no longer build campfire or squirrel snares with trapping skill.

You are sure you are using the right components - including the Trapping skill itself?

I just tried and both the recipes are working right:
campfire - 2x medium branch + twigs + Trapping
trap - 2x small string + medium branch + Trapping

Or maybe you are using some mod that is making those recipes not work?

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Oh, huh, it works. But it isn't showing up in the recipe list, I just assumed I couldn't use it. Maybe that would be a better way to report the bug. ;)

Some recipes show up on the list automatically, some will depend on your skills, some you need to discover yourself. Not every possible recipe is be listed by default.

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But I thought it used to show up automatically with the trapping skill? That's why I was confused in the first place. Or am I wrong about that?

Not a bug, just a small visual annoyance when playing in smaller screens: The camp icon is not really visible when there is a city hex with tall buildings in front of it. Would it be possible/easy to make it a bit taller or place it higher? Here's an example of what I mean: There is a camp in the hex right behind where Philip is standing - I can't really see it at the netbook screen, but you can (kinda) see a yellow corner poking at a normal sized screen.

Spoiler: Highlight to view

@rudewarrior: I thought it didn't, but I'm not 100% sure about that, so I'll let someone else answer.

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There's an issue with how on game load, the player leaves tracks on they hex they're in. I've sometimes prepped myself for sleep before saving the game, only to find more tracks to cover up on load again, thus wasting actions.

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Looking into the branches of the Clearbone Valley encounter, I noticed that the key fob on King Elias has no purpose. Philip has to be welcome at Saginaw to get Samantha to answer the door (condition 651), and there are only three ways to do that:

-Say you're Isaac Hall in the Saginaw encounter
-wear a Blue Frog sash (with so many Frogs on the map, this is the easiest method)
-wear the Sapphire Lily sash (from having Liza assume leadership)

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@rudewarrior, that is indeed a bug. It looks like the Trapping skill was auto-granting the Melee recipes instead of the Trapping ones. It doesn't affect which recipes you can use, however, just which ones you start out knowing. I'll have that fixed next build.

@linibot, I'll scootch that icon up a bit!

@Tactless, looks like the save/reload caused creatures to retread their respective hexes, so I'll compensate for that.

As for Clearbone Valley, the key fob actually has no effect on the outer door. Instead, it unlocks the basement door once inside.

Thanks for alerting me to these, guys!

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Dear all,
I have an issue about trading in Junk Market near DMC. In following pic, you can see a laptop with value $1848 and there is only $1517 in my wallet. However, before I click the laptop, there are over $3,000 in my wallet! I don't how to reproduce it because there is only one save slot. Is there any suggestion to dig out this bug?


Version: 0.9952b
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Hi himochen,

Hardware prices change based on the value of software inside, and whether the item is on and unlocked or not.

For example, if an empty laptop was worth $100:

  • Laptop is on, unlocked, and empty, store pays you $100
  • Laptop is off and empty, store pays you $100
  • Laptop is on and unlocked, with $50 of software inside, store pays you $150 (base laptop $100 + $50 software)
  • Laptop is off, with $50 of software inside, store pays you $100 (base laptop $100, $50 software is ignored)

In all of the above cases, the store will sell the laptop for full price. So store prices for the above would be:

  • $100
  • $100
  • $150
  • $150

Since the laptops in your screenshot were closed/off, the store would only pay you for an empty laptop if you dropped it there. On the other hand, the store would charge you the full price of the laptop plus software if you bought it back again.

Basically, the store only pays for what it can see. But once the store has the laptop in their hands, they turn it on and measure the price of all the software inside.

The UI for the store isn't very good, admittedly, and this is something I want to make better in future games. In the meantime, always check the price before selling an item :)

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I think an encounter could be added to warn the player about software they drop into the market: something like the Market's resident "hacker" looking over a slew of devices, and Philip making a mental note to turn on devices he's going to sell or having spare flash drives on hand (since the flash drives are "always on" and show the full value of anything stored inside).

Alternatively, all electronic item transactions could be made into a separate encounter store (a la the c-store), with a trigger in the Market ground. If this idea is considered, there could even be a group of triggers to different shops (electronics, food, survival, weaponry).

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Hi dcfedor,
Do you mean there is a digital content which value is > 1,500 in game?

Best regards,


Regarding noise traps, the wiki suggests that they can be made using a metal sauce pan (which makes sense); however this doesn't appear to be the case in-game. Seems to work with the can though.

1 x pan, 1 x pebble, 1 x small string => no recipe
1 x can, 1 x pebble, 1 x small string => noise trap

Is this a bug, or has the recipe (or item characteristics) changed ?

Version: 0.9952b via Steam

@Himo, that is correct. There are several data files which have values in the hundreds and even thousands of dollars. (E.g. bank account info)

@Tactless, both good suggestions. The warning encounter might get lost in the market exposition text, though. I can see people not paying attention to the additional text the same way they do with prices now.

The C-Store way of handling the junk market would be ideal if it weren't for one technical issue: teleportation. The C-Store and ATN trading post use some trickery behind the scenes to make them work. Namely, they teleport the player to a nearby hex where "barterhex" true. The "barterhex" setting not only enables money adjustments when taking/dropping items, but also signals to the AI to stay away (to avoid AI looting stores).

For the junk market, I don't think it'd be good to have it occupy many hexes (one per shop type), as space is pretty limited around there. Though, maybe I'm wrong. I guess it would help this software confusion, as well as make more space for items on the ground (by increasing the number of "grounds" available).

@phrawzty, it's intentional, though I admit I had to look it up. The recipe calls for small and medium rigid containers, and the pot is a large container. I think one could argue both for and against this distinction. A pot certainly makes a lot of noise. However, a pot is also a lot more visible than a pill bottle, soup can, or water bottle. And "large" containers goes from the size of the pot up to things like cardboard boxes and shopping cart baskets.

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My coding idea for the Market would be like the encounter trigger items set up in Cryo Facility/Strange Forest/Isotope Mine/ZZ's/Saginaw/Hatter, only with 4 triggers in the hex instead of 1. The first visit encounter on hex edit should stay, but instead of spawning items, it would spawn the triggers. The AI can already enter the other spots without triggering hex encounters.

Is it because there's a limited number of "free, unspottable hexes" on the map? Hexes with water but with the visibility cutoff of hills/buildings can be arranged.

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I have found a new way to lose items.
After making and using a travois. I pulled the travois apart only to lose a $750 .308 rifle.
Am I the only person to do this?
Video at http://youtu.be/1Ru5h7izIyo
Save files here https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B45uW0qnMnTsc1JvcWZNa3M5dlk&authuser=0

I couldn't find if someones had this problem so I am just putting it here.

I used the tracking ability in the first Hatter conversation then went and messed around scavenging. I killed a DMC gaurd, went back to DMC got exiled :( . I tried to talk to Hatter again but his door item was not there (not sure if it spawned the first time).

I had saved an exited once at some point between the first Hatter encounter and going back to DMC and currently I am using the save manager Banjo posted, maybe something got mixed up there? Promblem is I don't know if it spawned at all. I also altered the neogame.xml to give me 49 skill points as well as disabling the effects of BLue Rot (It's been pissing me off lol). Not sure if any of that matters.

I am currently using the Steam version 0.9952b

Random one off weird occurence:

Night, an Enfield woke me up, killed it, made medium fire, chopped it up and cooked it. Second batch of cooking took up all my 4/4 turns, leaving me with 0 (not 0.05, zero, I'm sure). The options to hide/hide tracks were available despite the 0 available move points, and the game did allow me to hide (showed up on the side normally). After that my turn was over for good, all options unavailable.

Not really a problem that needs solving, never encountered it before, merely reporting a weird behaviour - just in case.

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Two (bugs?):

1) Trading in Junk market. The market inventory was half full, I had a travois with a few backpacks. I tried emptying out the backpack and everything from the backpack as well as the backpack disappeared (and my cash did not change). Unsure what went on there.

2) Crafting problems (esp. for 'additional recipes' options) Sometimes crafting recipe appears but the object to be crafted is blank and 'confirm' button is not activated.

For instance, if I try to add a strap to something, e.g. crowbar w/ medium string and add the items to the crafting interface, I first see e.g. medium string reversal. I click the red arrow and get "crowbar w/ strap" as a recipe option but cannot complete the craft. This occurs repeatably. However, once I have thus 'discovered' the recipe, I can then click on the recipe from the 'known recipe' list and all boxes populate correctly and I am able to complete the craft. This is a occurs for many recipes though I haven't figured out all of the rules for when things work as desired vs. do not.

@Tactless, that's pretty much the obstacle. The C-Store and ATN markets move the player to nearby barter hexes that can only be reached via encounter teleportation. That, and those hexes don't look weird when exposed after the player's first visit (e.g. extra DMC or ATN interior hex is visible, but that makes sense given the player's visit to each community)

I could just teleport the player to some edge of the map or into the water, but that would show up in the mini map, as well as the overworld map with a crate icon. I think it might be possible to do something like the lockbox with some more development time, but I'm literally scared of changing the inventory system these days. Those bugs can be insidious :)

However, if persistence of items wasn't a concern, the encounter could just destroy the ground items each time the store was switched.

@OzyWizard, looks like that was a bug in the way crafting added the output items to the grid. It was causing stacking to fail, which used up too much space to fit the final rifle component. I've fixed the stacking bug, so that shouldn't happen in the future.

@BocciBallz, I just tested the Hatter+Tracking encounter, and I received the door right away.

I had saved an exited once at some point between the first Hatter encounter and going back to DMC and currently I am using the save manager Banjo posted, maybe something got mixed up there? Promblem is I don't know if it spawned at all. I also altered the neogame.xml to give me 49 skill points as well as disabling the effects of BLue Rot (It's been pissing me off lol). Not sure if any of that matters.

The trouble is, I'm not sure either :) However, it looks like the door is appearing in the vanilla game with that Hatter path.

@linibot, this might be normal. I was able to get the same results by crafting my remaining moves down to 0.009999999999999969, which showed up as "0.00" in the moves indicator. The string method that converts to fixed-digit Float values must not round values. Since it doesn't unduly penalize the player, and is pretty rare, we'll let it slide!

@Rise-Run, that first bug sounds like a bug, though I'm not sure how to replicate it. If I fill up a box cart with backpacks and lots of junk, and then fill half the store, I'm able to use the "empty out" context menu on both the bags and the whole cart. The game throws as much into the store as it can fit, and reshuffles the remainder inside the cart. And I get money from the dropped items. It sounds like there may be another bug which resulted in this symptom, so we'll have to see if any more clues surface.

As for the second issue, I was able to add medium string and a crowbar to see both the reversed string and strapped crowbar normally. However, if you were seeing that weird behavior in the shop at almost the same time, whatever caused the shop bug may have also contributed here. Can you recall if anything strange happened before these two incidents?

As always, I appreciate the feedback!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I don't think this is a bug, but I do think it might be a good idea to tweek it nonetheless:

Round 1: I visited ZomZom's, talked with Stoat. Round 2: I decided to re-enter ZomZom's to fight the bot. I didn't take my items out of the locker before going back in ZomZom's, but I also didn't leave the hex, and both moves happened in the same turn. After coming back out the second time my items had disappeared from the locker. So basically you have to take them out and let them be retaken if you go back in for a second sandwhich? I was under the impression that items disappear only after you leave the hex. If this isn't a bug and it is by design, is it a good idea? Also, I am having a hard time remembering, because I didn't pay that much attention, but is there a "lost items" warning after Stoat too, or just after the old type of visit?

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