0.9951b - bug or intended? (recipe names for unidentified items)

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0.9951b - bug or intended? (recipe names for unidentified items)

I just noticed something today that made me curious about recipe mechanics:

When you don't have the Ranged skill, weapons are unidentified and have generic names ("hunting rifle" vs "Cathcart North 'Buckmaster' .308 hunting rifle" for example), right?

When you use the gun in a recipe, though (say, to add a strap) it "tells you" what the gun is in the recipe name (".308 rifle with strap"). This isn't really a problem except when it comes to the "crazy-looking gun", which tells the player exactly what it is ("4mm Gauss rifle w/strap") even if they don't have the right skill to formally identify it.

Maybe this is unavoidable (and thus expected/intended), but I noticed that there's a "secret name" field for recipes and wondered if it is supposed to be used for situations like the above (but isn't here, for some reason)?

Like I said, just curious. :)

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The secret name is mainly there for record-keeping purposes, such as when I'm tweaking recipes months later, the secret name reminds me what was special about that recipe, if the public name isn't specific enough.

An example would be the roasted meat on a stick. Once I added human meat, I needed a way to keep track of which was which. While I could trace the ingredient IDs to be certain, it was faster to just add secret names for my reference.

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