Shameful kill

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Shameful kill

One night (I was playing for a friend as he had not heard of this game) Philip was asleep in an old forest tile, he slept in a dense thicket with his broad spear kept close. He was awoken at the sound of a branch breaking. There, in front of him was a looter, he was not the most well armed looter, but he was not to be blown off, carrying a coyote backpack and wielding a crowbar with the skill of Gordon Freeman. Philip landed the first hit (I find whoever gets the first hit usually wins the fight) slicing the looters arm, and went on tearing up the looter, until an offering of surrender was heard, Philip stopped his brutal attack and forced the looter to strip down to his underwear and sending him running into a near by forest tile. Philip took his pick of the loot and the backpack, and he went back to sleep. The nest morning, Philip got up and ate a tasty breakfast of cooked meat with berries and swig from his bottle of corn-a-cola. He set out into the world...
upon reaching his first city tile from the woods he noticed a pharaoh sleeping bag, but there was something inside it. A body, but no loot, Philip soon realized that the man he had almost killed, had come here and crawled into the bag to die. No purpose in waste, so Philip grabbed the bag and put it into his stolen backpack. A few days later Philip got hit in the head by a dog man, killing him.
(P.S I am new here, how do you change your pic to look like an avatar on the hex grid?)

I don't always kill DMC guards, but when I do, I am half dead and bleeding out when its over.