New Beta Build: Chase Tweaks and Pockets!

I spent the early part of today working on some refinements for the chase features I recently added. After I had a bunch ready to go, I rolled them into a new beta build: 0.940b.

Here's an overview of the changes:

  • Creatures now have individual tracking thresholds for following scents.

    • Dogmen now have moderate tracking (slightly worse than before). They also now have better creature detection abilities than before.
    • Raiders now have good tracking (equal to before).
    • Looters and Bandits have poor tracking.
  • Changed hexes to have individually appropriate default campsites, each with different strengths/weaknesses.
  • Reduced effectiveness of hiding: default hiding bonus is half of previous bonus, skilled bonus is 75% of previous. Note that new default campsites somewhat offset this, since some hexes automatically have better cover now (e.g. forest, urban).
  • Rain now accelerates the rate at which tracks degrade.
  • Fixed bug where clicking on a hex with the eye cursor caused player to move. Now just cancels spy.
  • Hid action buttons when moves left reaches 0.
  • Added log messages and floaties when hiding, hiding tracks, and spying.
  • Fixed bug where sleeping creatures would show "sees player" in pop-ups.
  • Changed spy/eye cursor to be centered on pupil, rather than corner of eye.
  • Made hide button read "unhide" while hiding.
  • Run reserve move counter now hides when run button hides.
  • Run button now disappears when no run moves left.
  • Pockets! (Only one per slot for now.)

    IMAGE( Is that a squirrel corpse in your pocket or...

Continued Plot Work

I also continued working on the plot encounter I mentioned yesterday. I worry a bit that the encounters are getting wordier as the game progresses. I'll have to watch this trend, and potentially correct it if it gets too bad.

It did give me some time to rework one outcome mid-writing, though. I ended up making it non-fatal, as I was worried the death might seem too arbitrary. It ends up injuring the player, which is a nice compromise (and still could be fatal in some cases). I guess I'm still trying to figure out the right balance between fatal and non-fatal outcomes. As much as possible, I want the fatal outcomes to be because the player asked for it: because they were taking a huge risk.

In fact, with that fresh in my mind, maybe I should review my choices tomorrow. I definitely don't want people to feel like they chose a plausible outcome and got cheated.

Cool! I'm always happy to have a realization this late in the day.

I think that about does it for now. Have a good one, all!