[Mod] Fishing Mod (v2.02) [for NeoScavenger 1.04+]

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The link for this mod is dead.

The Fishing mod is officially dead.

IT'S ALIVE!!! :)

Sorry, folks... finally, download links are updated! I hope to update the mod itself eventually, but at least now it's no longer "lost" (thanks to Dropbox shutting down public files!)

My Mods:SaveMan|Fishing|Shouldered|Bottles

Hello. So, I'm not sure if this will get a response as there isn't a whole lot of activity at the moment, but I'm having an issue roasting the raw fish chunks. I'm trying to combine the raw fish chunks, a fire, and medium/large sticks together in the crafting screen, but there's no result for cooked fish. Am I doing something wrong? The description says that you can roast fish chunks on a stick, but it doesn't actually show up when I try, and there isn't a recipe in my recipe list. I also should say that I have fishing as a skill.

Edit: I'm also using the Mod of Doom mod with the patch.

Thanks for any feedback.

Update: Well, I think I just misunderstood the feature. I can roast the filets on a stick, just not the chunks. So it seems like everything is in working order.