Request for Dan please! (re: character creation screen)

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Request for Dan please! (re: character creation screen)

Is it possible that you could change the top left "container"/box size on the character creation screen for starting Abilities to be two rows bigger?

Right now the box with the Abilities to choose from is 12x24 (12 high, 24 wide). Could it be made 14x24 instead?

The reason I ask is that there are now several mods that add new abilities and skills. Right now, the "box" allows for 8 new Abilities to be added, which isn't that many if you were to combine several new skill mods (for example, my own WIP mods together add 5 abilities, Big Bad Cheater adds 2... that's 7 already!). If it was expanded slightly as above, it would hold up to 12 new skills, which IMO is a better upper limit.

If this isn't too hard to change, can it be done? It would be a huge help to modders and those of us who like to combine mods.

From the look of the current screen, doing this shouldn't mean having to move any of the GUI, and the Flaws "box" (also 12x24) wouldn't need to change because there are fewer default ones.

Alternately, if making the Abilities "box" bigger just can't be achieved as-is, maybe the Flaws one can be reduced by 2 rows to compensate (since I can't see any mods adding more than 10 new Flaws)?

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