Cannot refuse meat at Zom Zoms, despite being fully sated.

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Cannot refuse meat at Zom Zoms, despite being fully sated.

I killed a dogman and cooked it's meat then wandered around until I found Zom Zoms. Before I entered I decided to eat a medium chunk of meat since I was looting around and needed a little more space. The dogman meat maxed out my hunger, and then I entered Zom Zoms. The script says I was starving, but the hunger bar begs to differ. It should be optional to eat at ZomZoms if you are sated.

hmm, that would at a nice dash of realism. Though it would probably have to be a low priority, due to it affecting game play very little.

Wasn't approaching food optional?
Haven't been in ZomZom's for a while so I might be wrong

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

Well, in my opinion that's a bit of exposition that is pretty important for the game. It forces every player to try ZomZom's very "special" kind of meat, be exposed to it and its special description, get some warning about it and have some potentially interesting info in their list of conditions at the end screen, that they may or may not wonder about before starting a new game.

Yes, as an older player you may already know all that, and yes, the game does sorta assume that ZomZom's is one of the places that will be visited early in a playthrough, when some extra food is usually welcome. But it also doesn't harm you in any way to eat a tiny bit of free meat. It's dodgy meat, but it's the sorta meat that's important for the lore and the story. So I'll agree with reflective_vagrant, and say that it's kinda low priority, at least from where I see it.

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A long time ago, eating the meat at Zom Zoms was entirely optional, and I remember being confused as to why that was changed.

I wouldn't mind seeing an extra encounter screen added that talks about the BBQ and how delicious and enticing the aroma is but still offer the player the choice to either eat the meat or leave the BBQ area.

I don't believe this would prevent any of the beneficial player experiences that Linibot mentioned from happening as any player visiting Zom Zoms for the first time would almost certainly not turn down the extra bit of food and would thus still be introduced to this "Special" type of meat.
Furthermore, I believe it would actually enhance the experience simply because you're providing the player with a carefully controlled choice so that when the time comes that the player realizes how "special" the meat at ZZ's really is, the emotion experienced will be less of a:

"This stupid game FORCED me to eat that meat."


"I CHOSE to eat that meat."

This style of semi-forced narrative choice is also found in the game Spec Ops: The Line and anyone that's played that will be able to attest to how savagely effective it is.

Furthermore, bringing attention to the meat by offering the choice to eat it or not will help to clue them in that there's something special about it, so that when the realization arrives...they stand a higher chance of making the connection between ZZ's special meat and what exactly makes it special...further cementing that realization of what exactly they CHOSE to do within them.

Finally, allowing the choice also rewards careful and observant players. There are enough clues thrown throughout the story that the player could likely realize that something is wrong with the meat by the time they get to that scene and thus they are rewarded by being able to refuse it and feel like they somehow saved their character from doing something that can never be undone. Whereas observant player feels punished when their character is forced to do something that they as the player do not wish to do.

I think the encounter screen to be able to refuse eating the meat at ZZ's should be re-added because it's realistic, makes sense within context of the game's story and also provides a heightened player experience.

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Totally agree with this! It *really* should be optional. Not only do I hate games that force you into actions like this when you're supposed to have free will (and it's not 100% necessary to the plot), but - more importantly - for the reasons Hector94 said:

I LOVE when a game succeeds in making you realize the consequence of an earlier action; it really adds to the feeling of relating to the situation and taking responsibility for your choices. That "aww, man, I thought I was doing the right thing!" feeling is hard to pull off in a game, but Zom-Zom's is a perfect opportunity. Being able to justify "I was starving!" versus "I didn't know it was human meat!" or just "so what?" all help the player shape their character in their own minds.

Being able to choose to eat the BBQ while maybe suspecting what it might be (or just not caring) is a powerful choice to give the player, IMO, and not one that should be forced on them. Likewise, in a game where character death is actually permanent, being able to make the choice "I'd rather die than eat human meat" is even more powerful.

And yes, I too was sure it was possible not to eat it in earlier versions, so thanks for confirming I wasn't imagining things!

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I agree about the current encounter forcing Philip to ask for the BBQ. Either there should be some way to tempt the player into eating it, or have it land in Philip's mouth somehow.

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Personally I wouldn't mind so much if it wan't for the meat causing a certain comment on my end game, I thoroughly look over my end game messages and reflect on what kind of person I was in NEO Scavenger. I strive to be a good guy, but because of that meat there is a taint on my record, I know that it was unintentional but if anyone else came along to view my record without knowing I went to Zom zoms they would think of me as just another desperate soul in NEO Scavenger where survival is the main priority and morals do not exist.

Yes of course, no one knows the meat comes from a questionable source when they eat at Zom zoms but it would be nice just to add an option to refuse if you are sated since in order to get the meat you have to get past the hundred other people at the BBQ trying to do the same and it would be just a waste of time if you arn't hungry.

Otherwise if you are hungry you wouldn't mind getting through the crowd of people to get some meat. Unless you have the trapping skill to smell the cooking meat and realize the meat isn't from any ordinary animal or the eagle eye to identify some anatomy like teeth in the meat or maybe find some small accessories commonly decorated on that animal.
Using either the trapping or eagle eye talent the hungry player can have that option to refuse, or with identification of the meat the player could have the option to blow the whistle on the meat and potentially shut down Zom zoms or get into a lot of trouble, depending on if the other customers know the source of the meat.