Adding DMC locations and a chargeprofiles question

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Adding DMC locations and a chargeprofiles question

Two quick "how to" questions as I get back into the game... and modding it!

1) How do you add a new location to the DMC overhead map? I can add locations to the world map, but can't find where the "triggers" are kept for DMC-specific locations such as the Red Gnome or Haggerty Health. For example, if I wanted to add a new store to the DMC?

2) Is there any way to have a charge profile increase charges by more than "1 whole unit" per hour? For example, if I wanted to make an item similar to the power tap (that generates electricity) but at a "per hour" rather than "per use" rate... I can set it so that a custom charge profile generates 1 electricity per hour (set "fPerHour" to "-1"). But can I make it generate, say, 1 electricity per DAY instead? In other words, can I set "fPerHour" to "-0.25" and have it add 1 charge every 4 hours? In testing this, it appears to be rounding up to 1 whole "charge" when I do this, but I'm not 100% sure, hence my asking!

Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer these for me!

Oh, and if either of these are not doable right now... is it possible that they could be implemented for us modders, Dan? Pretty please?

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#2 might be doable in two ways:

-a condition that disables the device for the next 23 hours. Then you set aUseConditions to trigger that condition.
-make the item need 97%+ condition to use and degrade 96% on use, then have the item regenerate 4% per hour.

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Thanks, Tactless! I'll try that. Trying to make a rain collector since we can't yet access "rain" weather like we can sunlight.

Am I to take from the lack of replies from other modders that #1 is actually not doable yet? I couldn't find anything in the code but presumed I was missing a "location list" of some sort that could be added to. No?

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Sorry mate, I just got started on modding this and I have yet to check out the map part of the code. I just don't know :(

Yes, the creator has posted that this is doable...just not how to do it. :/

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