Clearbone Valley access help

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Clearbone Valley access help

This has been driving me crazy trying to figure out!

Would Dan or someone else mind clarifying (spoilers, obviously!) the paths to take in order to get into the Clearbone compound? I tried the wiki but it doesn't make clear how exactly you can access the place.

To put the location on the map, you need to get the location by hacking Eli's phone, right? And you can *only* get that item by looting/killing Eli in the field. So that means you must have the Hacking skill to find the location?

Next, you need to get past the door. I've not been able to do it, and presume since you get the option to check your inventory that you need a certain item to open it rather than pressing the button? But that confuses me because it seems like the "check your gear" option is bugged as it doesn't let you actually access your inventory (like the same option does in the skybike encounter. for example).

So do I need an item? Or some other kind of encounter trigger (possibly at Saginaw)? Should the door be somehow accessible after getting hold of Eli's phone?

Finally, I at first figured that the key fob from Eli's corpse is the way in, but even after killing him and taking it, I can't use it when given the chance to check my inventory at Clearbone.

Help on figuring this out is very much appreciated! I hate missing out on exploring a location, no matter how minor.

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Clearbone can only be accessed if the player knows the location in advance (by hacking Eli's smartphone) and is wearing a disguise (Blue Frog sash and hospital gown). Otherwise, the person there won't open the door.

The inability to access your things in that encounter is indeed a bug, and I've fixed it this morning. It should be working in the next build. Thanks!

Also, it's been a while since I've checked, but I think you can observe Eli to let him lead you to Clearbone. However, he may destroy it in the process, depending on the plot choices you've made. If he successfully loots Clearbone, you can bag him afterward.

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Thanks, mate!

It was the "need a disguise" part I was missing! I was thinking when it said about "passing a test" it meant I had to do something with Eli or Saginaw to get them to open the door. The disguise makes much more sense! Maybe the encounter text could be tweaked slightly for a better clue, though, something like "maybe they don't like your face?" or "maybe they're expecting to see someone else?" Just a thought.

I definitely like the idea of being able to follow Eli instead of needing his phone (otherwise that means only Hacking characters can ever find the place), even if it means you might only find it a smoking ruin!

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I was thinking of this the other day. Seems like a simple mod to make Eli's cellphone unlocked so non-hacking characters could find the location. I started looking for it, but it's not that simple to just jump in and edit. Modders, I'm sure this could be done.