Cosplay Winners! And Bug-Fixing

Looks like we have some winners!

A few weeks ago, I asked you to vote on NEO Scavenger-themed cosplay photos. And after a week of voting, the victorious 5 photos have been chosen!

NEO Scavenger 4 Life


Walking Wounded




The Littlest Blue Frog


Bad Mutha Vs. Blue Frog


Each person in the winning photos will receive a free NEO Scavenger Steam key, and I'll start emailing those out this evening. Enjoy the prizes, you've earned them!

As for development news, it was a bit less exciting than awesome costumes: bug fixing.

Now that v0.9951b is out there, I have a chance to go back and look over bug reports, and there are still quite a few to tackle.

First of all, it looks like AI had a bug that duplicated waypoints on save/load. Many people reported issues with King Eli, and this was part of the cause. There was also a bug that caused him to go through with his mission even when he lost the important items he carried. So I started fixing this, as well.

Hatter had a similar issue whereby his mission got out of whack if things were done in an order I didn't anticipate. I had to add a few patches to his dialogue to fix that.

There was a crafting issue that caused duplicate ingredients to be left behind if they were stacked in a slot (like the hand), and there was also a condition-duping bug for camps at St. James.

Lots of subtle bugs, and likely more to be on the list next week. For now, have a good weekend everyone!