Help with Camp rage-quit

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Help with Camp rage-quit

I just lost my best ever character in Camp Grayling and rage uninstaled. Something like this probably happened to everyone.. I just cured myself of blue rot, had body armor, eye upgrades, all the guns with so much ammo I wished there would be a machine gun in the game.
That's part of Neo I know.. every death makes you more clever. I'am going to start again when frustration disapears but I don't want to make a similar mistake in Camp Gray again.

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When you get to the maintenance building with forklift, what's the best way to deal with robots outside? I died last time trying to ride through robots with forklift. Am I supposed to rig the forklift to open doors or I have to bring more foil ponchos for protection?

Thank you for any advice an excuse my english I'am from Czech Republic

This is why I made that save manager bat file, and have had a TON of fun playing this game ever since. Some may call it "cheating", but to me, frustration and losing hours or even days of progress to permadeath isn't "fun". YMMV, of course! :)

I'm heading to Camp Grayling for the first time myself tomorrow!

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What save manager? Can you give me a link please? If used casually i'd call it cheating, but for story locations it's OK. I love them but some are very tricky.. That's why I pick hiding / athletic for every character, in most of life threatning situations there's option to hide or run like hell.

Good luck with Grayling! :)

It's just a batch file that I made as a "shell" to run NeoScavenger from.

I generally hate permadeath in games and feel it makes for "un-fun" exercises in stress rather than a relaxing pastime, especially for those who are time-poor and likely would toss a game aside after a few "lost everything" experiences. For NeoScav, it was acceptable in the early days of NeoScavenger when it was more of a sandbox "survival sim" with no goal but to stay alive as long as possible, but as more and more story got added, it became very frustrating to have to replay earlier parts to get further and further each time.

For me, dying in combat or not keeping warm or something is my own fault and fine, but being unexpectedly "insta-killed" by a random encounter no matter how tough or well-equipped I am is just annoying (example: I got insta-killed by traffic recently after not tipping at the DMC diner!).

That's a matter of opinion, though, but for me personally to enjoy the game, I needed a way to not lose everything when I died. That honestly made me go from "interesting game, won't play it much" to "one of my favorite games ever, play it all the time!". :) To my thinking, there's no problem "cheating" in a single player game so long as you're having fun!

Note that while you can use this to "save scum" (I hate that term!) and play how you want, you can also use it to maintain three different "characters" at a time, something the vanilla game doesn't allow.

Also, it is still somewhat limited as you have to remember to save manually and when you die, you can only restore from that save point, not right where you died from.

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