Allied NPC's/Followers

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Allied NPC's/Followers

Its just an idea but maybe you can add new npcs that can become followers or allies, that can help you scavenge, setup a camp or permanent base. Of course adding perma-death for them. Say for example there are a set number of npc's that you can have as a ally, but to gain their trust you have to persuade them or do a quest for them :) its just an idea, i think it could add a lot more story to the game


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The idea has been suggested many times before, but it is beyond the scope of what the developer had in mind for this game. It is maybe a good idea for follow-up games in this universe though, so thanks for suggesting. :)

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If he ever did add something like that in a sequel, I think a cool idea would be a wolf or dog that adds a strength and perception boost.

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Oh yeah... I remember this topic, especially the thread where we talked about a mind controlled dogman follower.
But anyhow, I don't think the game really needs followers. (they could be a good game enhancer, but they would be super tedious, and overwhelmingly buggy)
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