Killed the Merga Wraith

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Killed the Merga Wraith

When I first saw the Merga Wraith my thoughts were "OH SHISHISHISHISHI." and to run. He's quite frightening and with his appearance and event description it tells the player he'll instantly kill you, and he pretty much will. However I made a screw around cannibal player, with metabolism de-buff, and I was pretty much about to die from dehydration and hunger. So I said screw it, used a broad spear, and went up to the Merga Wraith with the spear and the two perks Strong and Melee. He was easier than two Bad Muthas, and as long as I stayed out of his range, he couldn't hurt me as the spear had more range than his grasp. He probably should have some mind crippling debuff to when you see him, your accuracy goes down, or you freeze in place in a random turn, basicaly make him almost impossible. Or you can just give him a different attack, because if the Merga Wraiths are a species on the edge of the universe, and can somehow still get to Earth, and track Mr. Kindred to the end of the universe to hunt him and grasp his SOULS, maybe he should have lazers beamz. Any thoughts on this :)?

You aren't wrong, many of us agree with you and Dan does too. Which is why the Wraith got a revamp last week, one that will make it a much more dangerous opponent. We'll get to see that next build. :)

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I would be *definitely* against any sort of "freeze the player" attack on this SOB. For me, he's tough because he seems to close in so fast and escaping him (at least in older builds) was almost impossible; it's why I'm glad Dan listened and made the talisman not removed when you surrender, since this made it pretty much insta-death.

On the other hand, I don't see a problem with the wraith being very very very hard to kill in a fight. IMO, it should be a relentless, unstoppable force but one that you run from rather than fight. Easy to escape, but far from easy to kill. If the "buff" it got (I haven't fought it since the update) is in terms of "harder to kill", I'm cool with that. I think you should need some very high level weapons to kill it anyway, not just a spear or a sling! But if the buff makes it easier for it to kill *you*... no, I don't like that idea; the game's surely lethal enough already!

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Yes, the Marga really became a joke like Dan said.. I'am glad that in new version it got stronger. I used to visit Isotope mine ASAP, trade necklace for Bob's Remington 7600 and feed Marga wraith some soft-poit when i left. Some times I was lucky and had round or two left in mag and that's a good start.. Looking forward to fight Marga MK2 or at least watch the fight between Marga and DMC guard :D