Potato-chips is 50% air

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Potato-chips is 50% air

I just relized this,The potato chip bag IS mostly air or empty tiles.

Totally realistic right? :D

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It really is! XD

I remember my initial impressions when finally finding my first unopened bag. I broke the seal and thought to myself "Yeah that's about right!". Needless to say Lay's potato chips have now become my go to Neo Scavenger snack and although not listed with that particular brand, we all know what they are. I've bought 2 family packs since I've begun, at this point I'm starting to think Blue Bottle should be getting a kick back! XD


*Sold by weight, not by volume.

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I love having these in the game too. I did laugh when I first found a bag last night and it was half empty; it took me a moment to realize it was for total realism! :)

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