Wrapping Up Monster Encounter, and New System?

I think I've finished the bulk of the encounter today. At over 4200 words, this one's a monster. We'll have to see how it fits with the game system, as I haven't tested it against the encounter screens for length yet. It might need some slicing and dicing to fit.

Still, I'm hoping this one will be a fun one to try a few times. There are a couple different approaches, and they yield different outcomes, so I'm hoping the effort will be worth it.

In other news, one system enhancement Cameron and I have been tossing around is starting to sound like a good idea. If we can get it straightened out, perhaps there's a game mechanic tweak in the near future?

It's a tease, I know, but I don't want to commit before I'm sure it can be delivered :)

Anyway, that wraps up another week of development. It's Victoria day here in Canada Monday, so I might not be at the helm again until Tuesday. I hope you enjoy your weekend. Later!