Podcast, Painting, and Cosplay Contest

Hey Folks!

Dan P of Infinite Lives had me on for an interview the other day, and he's just uploaded the podcast here. It runs about an hour, during which we chat about releasing NEO Scavenger, early access, design goals, and games we're playing. If you're interested in hearing our chat, head on over!

As for today's work, I spent most of the day working on a new illustration for the Red Gnome diner. I've always considered it up there with Haggerty Health and the Detroit Savings Bank locations in terms of importance, so I felt it lacked art. Some other locations are more secondary and may never get art (e.g. random encounters, Clearbone Valley, "Last Chance" Canteen, etc.), but I'll feel better if this one does.

That said, it's art by me. So it won't look quite as slick as Jordan's or Klaus's (sorry!).

Finally, I wanted to send out another reminder that This weekend is the deadline for the NEO Scavenger cosplay photo contest. If you or someone you know wants a free copy of the game, this is a pretty easy way to score one. Just dress up like a post apocalyptic hobo (or other character from the NEO Scavenger universe), photograph it, and send it to me. (Full details and rules at the aforementioned link.)

So far, only one person has sent a photo. So right now, your chances of winning are pretty favorable :)

Have a good weekend, all!


Scorpio462003's picture

I listen to this podcast while playing NEO :)

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You will get good loot because the game hears me talking :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games