[Mod Request] Defoilant Exposure Removal

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[Mod Request] Defoilant Exposure Removal

Hi, would it be possible to create a mod where one could use a Nanorobotic Medical Kit to remove Defoilant Exposure? If so, I would absolutely love this! I contracted the disease when I stepped into The Great Black Swamp hex out of my curiosity. I immediately backed out, but unfortunately I was too late and contracted Defoilant Exposure. Now, my character has to suffer the consequences for eternity until he eventually perishes. While I understand that this is a feature implemented in the game as a survival aspect, to me this disease is starting to get a bit on my nerves. I become burdened very easily, and the symptoms seem to have a knack for acting up during the middle of combat.

Is there somebody out there would be able to do this? Hopefully this isn't too much to ask for. I would love this mod so much.

Haven't had time to play recently, so just saw your request now.

I like the idea, so I'll look into this for ya this week! :)

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This one too? Maybe? X)

I would also like to see this mod. I am a new player and finally got a character surviving really well. I saw the black swamp and walked into it because of curiosity. Now my character has Defoilant Exposure and I have no way of getting rid of it. Would have been nice to know the swamp would cause this beforehand. I immediately left the swamp after I found out what it was but It didn't matter. I really don't want to have to start all over again.

eh i kinda think of it as the price of failure

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Another relevant thread that has no definitive answer.... Great..


This is really easy to learn how to do. The game's data files aren't horrific. They look more complicated than they are.

In this case, open encounters.xml, go to encounter ID 867, and set aConditions to include -609, -610 and -611. (Those are the IDs for Defoliant Exposure's various states). This sets it so the Haggerty Health Clinic's nanorobotic treatment eliminates Defoliant Exposure; adding it to the Nanorobotic Kit is left as an exercise for the reader.

Thank you so much. Does this line look correct? I'm not sure I used the right symbols. name="aConditions">64,82,-40,-41,-42,-48,-49,-77,-78,-79,-132,-133,-134,-135,-198,-199,-200,-204,-609,-610,-611


Yup. That'll do it. Make sure to save your changes to the file, and ensure that the line ends with the proper </column> tag:


I kind of like having to go to the DMC to get treated for this disease; it makes sense that their nanorobots are better. That said, the way to make the nanorobot kit heal the same conditions is in itemtypes.xml. ID 27 is the nanorobot medical kit; in its aUseConditions parameter, you'll want to add this to the end:


211 basically means "when used", so we're saying "when used, take away condition 609, 610 and 611".

You can also think about whether you want to cure the Blue Rot or something at Haggerty; that'll be a fun little bonus project.