More v0.995b Tweaks and Fixes

I continued work today on tweaks and fixes to the latest "test" build, v0.995b. My aim is to get an update out there for v0.995b that fixes some of the bigger issues found.

One of the issues found was that encounter items would disappear if clicked with the drag mode cursor. Most people wouldn't encounter this, as the cursor mode gets auto-set to take/drop mode on that screen. But it was still possible, so I fixed it.

I also fixed an issue that caused disappearing items in unoccupied hex camps when they degrade. There was some code preventing slot-based conditions from being applied to AI on spawn. And some UI text was not being cleared correctly between battles. All of these things should be working correctly in the next update.

I also decided to make the Merga Wraith a bit tougher. Some players pointed out that the wraith is becoming a bit of a joke, with people defeating it more often than it seems like they should. Since the wraith is meant to be unstoppable-yet-avoidable (sort of like the Terminator), I gave it a few more abilities to make it harder to kill. It'll also be harder to sneak up on. However, it will still be fairly easy to escape for most players (via running).

Finally, I added a new feature for modders to expose current weather's temperature. In the next build, there will be a new condition which reveals exact temperature the same way exact time works in the weather icon. (Condition ID 836).

That's all for today. I'll see how things are looking tomorrow, and if another build seems like a good idea. Have a good night, all!


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I found St. James Parkade, and tried out all 3 options. No typos found yet!

Since the receptionist has an iSlab, maybe you can have her give us a data file that tracks the date when Philip's rental is up? That would give more utility to the timer functions of the electronic devices.

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You're hovering over my shoulder in spirit as I type :)

And I'll write that iSlab timer idea down for the next time I'm in that neck of the woods. Makes sense, thanks!

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Aw, but it was SO satisfying to one-shot Merga Wraith in the head with a hunting rifle!