Creating a new map: Is it possible?

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Creating a new map: Is it possible?

Hello all,

I purchased NEO Scavenger quite some time ago, and I've gotten the urge to reinstall it. I've noticed that since I stopped playing, modding has been enabled. So, is creating a new map possible? If not, is there a chance that it ever will be? I'd love to get to work on some awesome total conversions. I'm sure that this has been asked before, but I'm not too familiar with this game's modding scene yet, I just figured I'd ask.

Thanks all,

Yes, you can edit the map - you want to check the "Table Maps" part of the xml file, namely part with ID 3. You will see a big amounts of numbers separated by comas, mostly threes. Each row/column of numbers is a row/column of hexes, starting in upper-left corner at coordinates 1/1.

The numbers represent what this particular hex will be - they are taken from another part of the xml file - "Table hextypes", each number on the map corresponding to hextype ID -1. So to place a forest (hex type ID 5) you place 4 one the map table.

All the "3" mean grassland (hex ID 4) but in reality are changed to random ones. So making map consisting of only "3" will make the whole map random, while consisting of only "4" will be all forest.

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Wow, thanks for the speedy reply! I'm going to have to take a look.

Was playing around with editing the map for the first time today and it occurred to me that with a LOT of work, time and dedication, one could actually create an entirely new "setting" with a totally new map, replaced locations and even (I think!) new hex graphics. Arctic or desert NeoScavenger, anyone? :)

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A new map is definitely doable, though as Kaaven will tell you, climate is still an issue :) I think your biggest obstacle might be cleaning out the old encountertriggers, so the game doesn't try to spawn a Merga wraith on you, or alert you to a glow in the east.

It may not happen before launch, but I want to see if I can expose a lot of the hard-coded stuff into the new gamevars table at some point. Things like weather, starting date and hex, and hex randomization seem like they'd be easy to expose.

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Mate, I would be VERY happy to be able to change weather/temperature for modding purposes; being able to make a mod that has no rain, or rain all the time, or constant heatwaves forcing you to travel at night and drink gallons of water... that would be awesome to play (or just plain fun to make!).

Being able to change the starting hex is something I'm also hoping we'll get eventually... would it be particularly complex to add?

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I think it would be cool if you had a desert map with ruined cities.
Reminds me of Fallout.
Or perhaps you could make a only suburb/city map.
(If you could make buttons or presets at the "new game" window it would be better.
EX: click---> "City only"
Disables all but city and suburb areas

This has a lot of potential!