Container Sprites, Message Log, Bugs

Hey Folks!

I've been keeping an eye on bug reports in the new test version, and so far, they're pretty minor. I'm also getting feedback on the new ability rebalance, which is primarily positive. A few folks are concerned about their old builds being impossible, but I think those are able to be made with very minor modding tweaks, so I'm okay with it so far.

One of the things suggested that I added today was sprites for the various bags and boxes in the game. Right now, a backpack, box or plastic bag does not show up on creature sprites. Since they're such valuable items, and pretty easy to add, I took the suggestion and just did it. They can be a bit hard to discern on sprites with more items attached, but it might still get the message across that the creature is loaded with stuff.

I also took a suggestion to make the message log font able to be toggled to the small font. For now, this will only be available in modes that use the large font by default, as the reverse case doesn't seem logical. The setting will remain throughout the session until toggled again or the resolution is changed.

I also fixed several typos and a bug involving missing items in encounters. So overall, a pretty productive day! I'll have to keep perusing the bug reports tomorrow, to see what else is up.

Have a good night, all!