Plot Slog Continues

Well, another day down, and still not done with this encounter. It's almost at 2800 words now, so I guess I'm getting close. The good news is that I managed to work out a couple of logical gaps that were bothering me, and found a new personality I like for the character involved. I realized I was starting to retread the cool/aloof Hatter style character, and that'd be no fun. So I turned him around and made him a bit more batty, and I'm really liking the change. It actually inspired me to write more. As with drawing, sometimes destroying is necessary to create even better work.

I also traded ideas with Cameron regarding some encounter styles we haven't tried yet. We're seeing what we can do with the current system, and what might require additional code. Top priority is still working on plot, but in cases where plot overlaps system design, we'll need to decide if it's worth bending the plot to fit the system, or the system to fit the plot.

In most cases, the plot bends to the system. The game shouldn't change its nature to suit the story. However, in cases where the game is currently failing (e.g. combat), it's not ideal to bend plot to suit a system that's in need of change. So I'm on the lookout for situations like that, and hopefully we can come up with reasonable solutions.

Goodies from the 'Net

Oh, and one more thing. Thanks to @DarkAcreJack for tweeting this goody bag today:

I may need to revisit that page the next time I add items to NEO Scavenger. Some awesome toys in there!