Writing and Sleep Tweaks

Writing on encounters continues. I broke the 2000 word mark today on the one I'm writing, and I'm estimating I've still got another 500-1000 to go. Writing in a production environment is a new thing for me, so I'm unsure where this rate of progress fits on the scale of professional writing. I know it's slower than I expected, as I figured I'd be done with this one today. However, coming up with language that appeals can be slow, and ironing out logical continuity is always a time sink.

I also find it's a lot easier to be distracted while writing, compared to coding. I suspect this is due to the larger amount of subject matter research I feel I need to do when writing. This comes up sometimes in coding (like when modeling a new system), but far less often than when writing a piece of fiction.

Sleep Tweaks

I also made some changes to the sleep code today, based on some feedback in the forums. When sleeping, it's possible to wake up almost instantly after falling asleep, and this can be confusing. This is partly a bug, and partly by design. I designed the sleep system such that sometimes factors beyond control (noises, anxiety, etc.) keep a player awake. However, it turns out there was a bug that made this happen too frequently: especially as the game progressed. Fixing that has reduced the frequency of this occurrence.

To help reduce confusion in the times when it legitimately happens, I also added code to change the floaty/text message that pops up. In special cases when the character couldn't fall asleep, the game will now say "Player had trouble sleeping" instead of "Player woke up." Hopefully, this will make it clearer that the player tried to sleep and failed.

I probably won't upload a new build just for this, so it'll wait until either some more bug fixes accumulate, or the plot update is ready.

That's it for now. I think there's some burritos and beer in my future, and then, probably a few overdue postcards to write. Have a good one!