Beta Build: Colored Floaties

Just finished a new beta build upload. It still has the v0.91 label though. (Doh! One day I'll remember to increment that). Today's big update: floaties and messages!

Uh, there's something over your head there.

Based on some good user input, I added color to status messages and floaties, to help distinguish when good/bad stuff happens. Now, orange text appears when "bad" conditions occur, and green when it's "good." Also, I fixed the position, so they stay over the creature that emitted them. Previously, they tended to stay wherever the camera was centered when they appeared.

Even the message window has color now!

Originally, I had red for bad, but it was pretty hard to read. I don't like the orange as much aesthetically, but the legibility is improved.

The people have spoken!

This color-coding also carries into the conditions page. Note that many of the greens are just skills. It's possible I went overboard on colors, and it's drowning out the signal with noise. Let me know if that's the case

Other Updates

The build also has a few other updates. They are:

  • Scavenging now only deducts one move when the encounter is complete. Previously, you lost a move immediately upon clicking "Scavenge." Now, if you decide not to scavenge after seeing the available locations, you don't lose a move.
  • Corn-a-Cola now reduces a little thirst. Previously, it was reducing hunger, but not thirst. It now reduces thirst as well. However (as before) it still makes you want water faster than usual, so be careful when you use it!
  • Fixed environment sound volume when in conditions and minimap screen. (was at full volume, not half volume, as per the inventory screen)

Postcard Update

I also sent the first postcard design off to the presses for printing. I should hear back about them shortly, and then I'll be able to sign, seal, and deliver them to "Yukon Edition" customers!

Forum Posting 403 Error

Some of you have run into weird 403 errors when trying to post in the forums. It took some tracking down this morning, but I think it's under control now. Let me know if the infamous 403 rears it's ugly head again! (you can use the contact page to do so, if having forum troubles)