NEO Scavenger Update v0.9942: New Ending, Content, Balancing, and Fixes

NEO Scavenger is now officially updated to v0.9942b! Since the test builds have been relatively stable, I've just finished updating the default builds to 0.9942b on all sites. The "test" links are no longer necessary, and have been removed for now.

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This updates the following builds:

The changes included since 0.9937b are pretty numerous, so I've wrapped them in spoiler tags to save space:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Added new encounter location where plot ends.
Added new ending screen, triggered when final encounter is done.
Added two new side-missions.
Added roadmap item, art, and loot tables.
Added potato chip bag, foil item derivatives/recipes, and chips items.
Added new human faction.
Added "Enervated" trait as an opposite of Athletic.
Added text hinting at other humans after escaping cryo for first time.
Added text message to alert player if they are sneaking while moving.
Added new condition effect "EndGame" which triggers the game ending screen with specified encounter ID.
Added code to change or remove map and minimap labels via encounters, instead of just adding them.
Added new condition field aThresholds, for making conditions overflow to new conditions at certain thresholds.
Changed Hidden Lake encounter to be less arbitrary and more fair.
Changed DMC guard support move to only flag target if target is visible and conscious.
Changed urban ruins hexes to have more guaranteed scavenge locales on first visit.
Changed Stoat conversation to give different starter items depending on choices.
Changed King Eli/Liza to never use "ditch vehicle" move. (To avoid duplicate treasure bug.)
Changed GPS encounter structure to better support new entries.
Changed random encounter mentions of gangs to be less well-informed.
Changed AI battle move priorities to be more effective.
Changed eastern glow appearance to only happen if player hasn't used GPS to locate Detroit already.
Changed game over screen to fade out when new game started, instead of abrupt.
Changed melonhead reinforcement move to have lower priority (used less).
Changed skill select screen to use take/drop mouse mode instead of drag.
Changed document items to be stackable to 20, and ignore subgroups when stacking.
Changed random clothing loot table to be "or" instead of "and" for each type listed.
Changed Saginaw "Bleeding Internally" condition to disappear immediately, so only the message log remains.
Fixed a bug that prevented forest shacks from starting with scavenge sites.
Fixed a damage calculation error when attack penetration exceeded cut armor value.
Fixed a bug that caused ChainCondition and SetImmunity to remap incorrectly in mods.
Fixed a bug that caused rotting human corpse anywhere in ATN to trigger cannibal banishment when visiting market.
Fixed a bug that crashed game when loading a mod with missing images.
Fixed a bug that crashed the game when a mod defined a new camptype.
Fixed a bug that caused game to crash when loading a game saved during encounter w/treasure.
Fixed a bug that caused running to deduct fill move cost when run moves left was <= 1.
Fixed a bug that caused manhole encounter to ignore gas masks and filters.
Fixed a bug that caused game to re-apply encounter treasure, conditions, creatures, and teleport when loading a save game mid-encounter.
Fixed a bug that allowed AI to move into some forbidden hexes.
Fixed a bug that caused creatures to drop any item instead of specified type in LoseRandomItem feature.
Fixed a syntax bug in King Eli/Liza's starting treasure w/sled.
Fixed a bug that called solo creatures "leader".
Fixed typos in ATN encounter.
Added batch of new audio for Paul: headwear, fire, scopes/binocs, metal drum/canister, etc.
Changed scavenge loot chances to be lower in urban buildings that are not damaged, to compensate for recent increase in available buildings.
Changed number of urban scavenge sites to be slightly less, since many hexes had 5-7 sites initially.
Changed isotope mine intro to be less aware of the past.
Fixed a bug that caused search move to be unavailable in battle.
Fixed a bug that caused Martha's Army conversations to repeat endlessly.
Fixed a bug that prevented death ending from killing player.
Fixed a bug that prevented black detector object from being usable where it should be.
Fixed a bug that caused hardware to sometimes randomly change contents between saves.
Fixed gray shirt and hospital gown sprites to layer more cleanly.
Fixed a null-pointer bug when retrieving a random newspaper item.
Fixed a UI bug in the run moves remaining text.
Fixed a typo in Stoat offer.
Fixed a bug in the random container loot table that caused extra potato chip bags.
Added ability to use mechanic skill in scavenging buildings to reduce accident chances.
Added cooldown period to melonhead reinforcement ability, to prevent over-use.
Added reinforcement cooldown as a default condition on newly-spawned melonheads, to prevent cascading numbers.
Added exit function to GPS.
Added single dose Blue Rot cures to Saginaw basement loot.
Changed scavenge loot for households to be more appropriate (e.g. no night vision goggles).
Changed tooltip pop-up width to be wider, so newspaper text isn't too long to fit on screen.
Changed hiding button tooltip to mention start/stop toggle.
Changed run button to disappear when run moves remaining <= 0.
Fixed a bug in the ParseConditions code that would allow NaN values in aModifiers (causing errors like immunity to wounds).
Fixed a bug in Grayling that would cause dead-end when returning to outside fence area.
Fixed a bug that caused weather icon to appear on wrong screens during battle.
Fixed a bug that caused Clearbone basement to duplicate upon revisit.
Fixed a bug in Hatter deal that didn't take Blue Rot sample nor pay player.
Fixed a bug that caused markets to restock multiple times during first hour of each morning.
Fixed typos in Isotope Mine, Haggerty Health, and other encounters.
Fixed bug that prevented reverse-crafting compound bow w/strap.
Fixed weight of copper beads on a string.
Fixed typo in datafile.
Fixed bug in DMC interrogation that caused premature ending if player was flagged by DMC guard.


The major changes to watch out for include:

  • It is now possible to finish the plot, and see an ending.
  • New side missions.
  • New items.
  • New faction.
  • New "Enervated" flaw.
  • DMC Guard balancing.
  • Hidden Lake balancing.
  • Scavenging rebalancing.
  • New sound effects.
  • Melonhead rebalancing.

As always, if there are any issues with the new build, let me know on the forums!


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Great update again! Can't wait to see what's next