RPS Diary Continues, St. James Parkade, and Default Recipes

Hey Folks!

For those following along, Adam's posted the second installment of his NEO Scavenger Diary. The bit where he dwells on plastic bags for a paragraph gave me a good chuckle. Especially with the American Beauty clip playing in the background.

St. James Parkade seems to be working now. As expected, it was a bit trickier than the food truck. The tricky part was making sure the player's stay was limited to 24 hours, and handling clean-up once that expired. The game does not like campsites being removed, so I had to make some new plumbing for that.

Now, however, I can rent one of three different vehicles for the night, each with varying amounts of amenities. In the best case, one gets heat/AC, a dome light, and a sleep bonus. But even the worst case is at least sheltered from rain and strangers.

It occurs to me as I write this that I may need to add the ability to extend one's stay, rather than let the rental lapse. Right now, it has to expire before one can rent again. But maybe I can add the ability to top-up the rental for another 24 hours. I'll note that now, so I remember tomorrow.

Finally, I wanted to see if I could add certain basic recipes to the starting quick recipe list for players. Things like getting rags from clothes, lighting a fire with a lighter, and other simple recipes are common knowledge, and many have asked for this. The good news is that this is pretty easy, and seems to be working.

The bad news is that skill-based recipes are harder. Technically, they're as easy to add as the basic skills. However, since the player can add and remove skills during skill selection, this would allow players to theoretically add all of the recipes to their quick recipe list before starting. It won't break anything, since they still cannot use those recipes without the skill. But it would be cleaner if they didn't clutter the quick recipe list unnecessarily.

I'll look into this more tomorrow, though. For now, dinner!


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Good ol' RPS - only been frequenting their site for about 6 months, but it's my favourite "games" based site out there. The fact they love Neo Scavenger cements MY love for them :-)

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I'm not a regular reader of any site, really. However, I'm almost always entertained by the style and content of RPS pieces.

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