Non-deterministic Encounter Outcomes, and More Writing

I made some slight changes to the encounter system today. As mentioned yesterday, it was becoming necessary to allow encounters to branch based on probability. Instead of one input yielding one output, some encounters were better served if one input could yield one of many outputs, each with their own probability.

As such, I made changes to the way the game handles encounter resolution, and NEO Scavenger can now handle those cases. I also had to back-populate old encounters to support the new data, but that turned out to be something I could automate, since all previous encounters have 100% probabilities.

I gave it a try with some test data, using the cryo "jump through window" encounter option as a testbed, and was able to get variable outcomes at roughly the right frequency. So I think we're ready to start implementing these special encounter types now.

Apart from that, Cameron and I made some more revisions to the encounters we've been working on. I even got a good chunk of work done on final text for the one I'm assigned. There are still some kinks in the design to work out, but the encounter is starting to feel finished. I'm getting pretty excited about adding these encounters to the game, and seeing how they play off each other.

I'm also a bit nervous about the upcoming volume of new encounter nodes in the game data. It'll be interesting to see if NEO Scavenger can handle the added complexity. There are already 134 encounter nodes in the game, many with several incoming/outgoing connections, and I wouldn't be surprised to see that double. I think she'll hold, but fingers are crossed, just in case.

Anyway, another "secretive plot" workday has come to a close, and it's time to start thinking about dinner. Have a good one, all!