RPS Feature, "Last Chance" Canteen, Bug Fixes

Some of you may have noticed that Rock Paper Shotgun is running a "Survival Week" special. And guess who's featured? That's right!

Adam Smith has started a series where he journals his experience playing NEO Scavenger, ironman-style. The first piece is called "The Clothes Off His Back," and it's off to a gripping start. Head on over and take a look, and welcome RPS readers!

Today, I managed to finish the "Last Chance" Canteen, and it seems to be running smoothly. It offers 5 different dishes ranging from large snacks to full meals, as well as bottled water. Beware the gastronomical aftershocks, though :)

So far, it's going to be a place one has to stumble across to discover. There won't be any signs to it. However, given its location and the small size of the sprawl, I think most players will find it with ease.

Similarly, I'm going to start work on the St. James Parkade tomorrow. This one will be a little bit out of the way, and it may prompt me to put some sort of rumor or dialogue into the game to direct folks towards it. We'll have to see if that's actually necessary, though.

Finally, I did a bit of bug fixing today, too. There were a couple bugs involving

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Martha's Army outside Grayling

that needed patching, so I got those sorted out in my debug build. There was also a bug which prevented loot from appearing in the first screen of any encounter, which I only discovered by accident. I don't think this affects any canon encounters, but it's worth fixing for future use, as well as mods.

That's about it for today. I heard from Humble Bundle that they updated their copies of NEO Scavenger to v0.9942b today, so once Desura tells me the same, I'll post news to that effect.

Have a good night, all!


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I'm really glad these two found their way in. They address common questions/requests and they make absolutely perfect sense within the game world. Between them and the skills overhaul, I'm almost happy to just wait for the next test version without playing much of this one. (No, I'm not. :p Just making lemonade since I can't play any meaningfully long games atm - 10 more days for my graphics chip to arrive. :p)

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It's funny, this may be the one time where I can't upload builds as fast as I'm ready to. If I wasn't waiting for Desura to approve the build, I'd probably have switched the "test" to "official" status by now, and uploaded the new skill rebalance for testing.

Oh well, I guess I'll just keep adding stuff while I wait :) I'm glad to hear that the changes seem to make sense so far, though!

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