Build v0.9942b Uploads, Facebook, and Sprawl Services

Hey Folks! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I'm having trouble remembering what I did. That probably means I didn't do much. Or aliens.

I've been working on getting the v0.9942b test build uploaded to all the necessary places, as that's going to be promoted from "test" to "official" status. I've got all the files uploaded to Desura and IndieGameStand, and I've alerted Humble Bundle and ShinyLoot as well. Once everyone approves the new content, I'll switch over the Steam and BBG site builds, and send out news updates so everyone can be on the same page again!

NEO Scavenger on Facebook!

That's the thing I did this weekend. Now I remember. I officially started posting NEO Scavenger stuff on Facebook!

I've been slow to move onto Facebook so far, mainly because I was worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up with yet another social outlet. However, Richard's fan page was really starting to gain followers, many of whom had questions and comments. So it was finally time to start participating, and Richard helped to get me up to speed. Thanks, Richard!

So if Facebook is your tool of choice, come on over!

Sprawl Services

Finally, I spent some time this morning working on two services for the DMC Sprawl: the "Last Chance" Canteen, and "St. James" Parkade.

The "Last Chance" Canteen will be a fast food joint in the sprawl with some...questionable food. But it's cheap, and readily available. For those who are desperate.

And "St. James Parkade" will be a sort of flophouse made out of an old parking garage. Players will be able to buy a place to sleep for the night, with varying amounts of shelter to match their budget.

The Canteen should be pretty straightforward, as it can likely use the same flow and logic as the food truck in Concrete Forest. The Parkade, on the other hand, will need some experimenting. I'll have to make sure I can pass game hours safely, avoid AI theft as appropriate, handle insomnia, and paying for rooms. However, these two services are long overdue, and have been requested by many of those unable to enter the DMC.

That's all for today. Have a good night, all!


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And many people who are able to enter the DMC considering there's not exactly a hotel available in the DMC, either. Unless I haven't been paying attention...

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True. I hope to add some slightly nicer lodging options in the DMC proper, for those able to afford it. However, that'll depend on how much time I have. If the Parkade goes smoothly enough, I think I can produce a similar version in the city.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games