Skill Overhaul: The Result

Work on the skills overhaul continued, including the latest round of feedback, and here's how it's looking:

IMAGE( Simplified UI, and hopefully more intuitive.

I think there were some excellent points made in yesterday's feedback, and I was able to incorporate most of it in this new layout.

First of all, I decided to change "Skills" to "Abilities," and "Traits" to "Flaws," for clarity and accuracy. Strong is not a skill, per se, and "trait" isn't necessarily negative to the average person. "Abilities" and "Flaws" are more accurate for what we're talking about here, so I changed the language. (Code and game data references still use the old names, however, for compatibility reasons.)

Secondly, I took the suggestion to make the page more symmetric. Now both flaws and abilities simply flow to the right, so it should be clearer where things go. I removed the "Default" flaws, and gave the player free points to start instead, as you guys were right that it was confusing.

I also replaced the wordy instructions with simple arrows, which I think say pretty much the same thing in way less time. Stuff on the left goes to the right. And the green/orange "Amount Used/Left" text tells you how much you've used vs. have left. I've removed the Flaw total text, since it was kind of redundant. And I decided to leave the warning for Flaws, as it was important information not communicated elsewhere.

One of the invisible changes here is the first moddable game variable: starting points. As some of you suggested, it'd be nice to mod the number of starting points available. So I created a new data table called "gamevars" which stores name/value pairs for use in the game. Right now, it's just that starting points number. However, I think I can move some other stuff into there when I have time (e.g. starting date, starting hex coords, maybe even combat modifiers for strong, etc.).

A large chunk of the day had to be spent on fixing the various skill/trait functionality elsewhere in the game, now that traits don't use slots anymore. In particular, I had a lot of rewiring to do in Haggerty Health's eye augmentations, and some Yezinka clean-up.

Overall, this feels like a significant improvement in both UI and game balance, and I'm excited to try it out! Before that, however, I think it's time to promote v0.9942b to default build status. It has a few bugs, but seems otherwise stable. So I'll be working on that next week, so we can begin testing this next wave of test builds.

Have a good weekend, all!


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Clearer labels, symmetry, chaff trimming, and a moddable game variable. All great stuff.

You did say code and game data will use the old names for the moment, but since the Flaw warning is just self-contained text, one last typo to point out:

>These will allow more [skills], but beware: they come with disadvantages.


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Yeah, this looks a lot more intuitive. I like. :) The only complaint I would have is that there's a lot of empty space, but overall this is a big improvement regarding flow and vernacular. Plenty of room for modders to add abilities and flaws, and the ability to mod starting points sounds good (I can see a quick and simple "Hard mode" mod to reduce this number, "Easy mode" to increase it, etc.).

Will there be a way for modders to save/call gamevars in encounters, objects, etc? For example, to check if a certain variable exists or is within a certain range before being able to trigger an encounter action or equip an item?

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Perfect. Like most of the game, this gets more things done than first meet the eye. Less flashy, less noisy, more substance. Thank you! Have a great weekend. :)

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Looks good, just make sure that player is notified they're forfeiting any unspent points (if it is an option).

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Quick suggestion for the foil coat. Is it going to have uses outside Grayling, such as being used in combat to lower a drone's hit chance, or evading Skycorps? Or will it only be used at Grayling? I think it would be a good way to nerf drones.

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