New Test Build 0.9942b: More Fixes and Balance Tweaks

I've just finished uploading new test beta 0.9942b, which adjusts balance and fixes issues still found in v0.9941b.

The build is available to anyone who owns the beta at, or on Desura and Steam. Desura (and therefore, Groupees) users can use Desura Connect to gain access here, or even get their Steam keys and try it on Steam.

To access the test build on the official site, simply visit the beta page, and click any of the download links below the usual Windows, Mac, and Linux buttons.

Steam users can access the test build by opting into the beta for it.

Updates Included in the Test Beta

Test beta 0.9942b includes the following changes:

  • Added ability to use mechanic skill in scavenging buildings to reduce accident chances.
  • Added cooldown period to melonhead reinforcement ability, to prevent over-use.
  • Added reinforcement cooldown as a default condition on newly-spawned melonheads, to prevent cascading numbers.
  • Added exit function to GPS.
  • Added single dose Blue Rot cures to Saginaw basement loot.
  • Changed scavenge loot for households to be more appropriate (e.g. no night vision goggles).
  • Changed tooltip pop-up width to be wider, so newspaper text isn't too long to fit on screen.
  • Changed hiding button tooltip to mention start/stop toggle.
  • Changed run button to disappear when run moves remaining <= 0.
  • Fixed a bug in the ParseConditions code that would allow NaN values in aModifiers (causing errors like immunity to wounds).
  • Fixed a bug in Grayling that would cause dead-end when returning to outside fence area.
  • Fixed a bug that caused weather icon to appear on wrong screens during battle.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Clearbone basement to duplicate upon revisit.
  • Fixed a bug in Hatter deal that didn't take Blue Rot sample nor pay player.
  • Fixed a bug that caused markets to restock multiple times during first hour of each morning.
  • Fixed typos in Isotope Mine, Haggerty Health, and other encounters.
  • Fixed bug that prevented reverse-crafting compound bow w/strap.
  • Fixed weight of copper beads on a string.
  • Fixed typo in datafile.
  • Fixed bug in DMC interrogation that caused premature ending if player was flagged by DMC guard.

One of the bigger changes here is the addition of the mechanic skill to scavenging, to help reduce accidents in buildings. Now that scavenging tends to have more accident risk per item of loot, it made sense to add some way to mitigate that risk. Plus, it makes mechanic more valuable!

I also toned-down the melonhead reinforcements a bit. Now, they should use it more sparingly, and newly-added melonheads cannot use reinforcement calls right away.

There were also quite a few fixes to encounters for things like dead-ends and typos, as well as some UI tweaks.

The likelihood that this version of NEO Scavenger will work with previous saves is: likely.
As usual, the older the save game version, the less likely it is to work.

As always, let me know what you think of the changes, and if you notice any issues with the new build!