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After NS

I've been thinking about this for a while...
When you finish NS, exactly what are you going to do......
I know that you are going to update, or fix bugs but, you pretty much already do that, and by the time NS is released it won't have many.
I know that people think you should make more games after that, but what ell's is there to do other than those things?


Apart from NEO Scavenger 1 fixes, balancing, tablet versions, and translations, there's a long list of other games I'd like to work on.

Many of these games still take place in the NEO Scavenger universe. Some are sequels to this story, some involve completely new people and places. And some involve completely different game mechanics.

Other games are set in new worlds, and in new styles.

The specifics of each game are not yet something I want to share, as they may still change before I get to them. That, and I may change my mind as to which is more interesting when I get there.

One thing is for sure, though. The list of ideas is long, and gets longer each day. I'll be lucky to finish making even a portion of those game ideas real!

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Oh the suspense!


Have you considered a fantasy like Skyrim?
Kind of on the style of Neo

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Actually, I quite often think about NS-style mechanics in a fantasy setting these days, especially when I'm playing a fantasy RPG. I can just imagine having to hunt for one's food, clean and dress wounds without modern medicine, and sweat in one's chainmail. I think it'd be pretty cool!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

it would definitely be something i would but :)

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I would embrace this idea wholeheartedly when I was younger. Now I am of two minds about such ideas. In theory, it would be awesome to be able to face a medieval fantastic (low magic would be my preference) world, and try to deal with all it's dangers, instead of just cutting through the monsters like a harvester through wheat.

But in practice, if one were to make it as realistic (in the survival/biological aspect) as NS tries to be, it won't be much fun. If one, on the other hand, puts a magic potion for everything - what's the point? It just turns into a standard fantasy, only more tedious, because player has to eat and drink and stuff...

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Good points. I think I'd probably prefer the world to have some magic, but to keep magic as something mysterious and scary. I dislike fantasy where magic has become too mundane (Forgotten Realms magic lampposts, I'm looking at you).

Some of the healing arts seen in Lord of the Rings would be okay, though. Herbal poultice, treatments that slow symptoms instead of heal them, etc. No magic potions, as you say; except perhaps as extremely rare artifacts.

Of course, all of this assumes I don't want to make a space-faring game more :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

yeah, I like this idea of a NS-fantasy, but if it does happen, please make sure that melee, magic, and ranged weapons don't do to much damage, unless you hit the enemy in the head. (I always hated that I could just one hit an enemy if I had a high enough level or weapon damage, but if I hit the enemy in the head... they just wouldn't stop moving!)


I honestly can't believe the Game is almost wrapped up...I was thinking you could do so much more with the DMC its not even funny. *_*

Future expansions?

I think it would be cool to take on radiant quests, and work a menial job in some office, or patrol the streets of DMC "Bringing the Law to the Lawless..." Maybe have a nice high rise apartment where I could store my stuff after those lengthy weekend excursions over the wall?

There's an almost endless list of things I could add. To be honest, that was one of the things I was afraid of any time I added a new feature or content. I kept thinking to myself, "if I add feature X, then people will wonder why Y and Z are missing." There's always "one more thing" I could add.

The unfortunate thing is that I can't add everything I want to. I have to stop at some point. This was hard for me to admit, because I don't like saying something is "done" when it's not perfect. But it will never be perfect.

Maybe in a perfect world, I would continue perfecting NEO Scavenger endlessly. But that perfect world would have to pay my rent and feed my family endlessly, too :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

It would be nice to see a few more Fallout/NS/Wasteland games on the market, I think everyone is to caught up in games like Call of Duty.

Sure I liked the series, but that was before they released Black Ops., the series was meant for an older (more mature), military loving group, but attracted to many younger people (Which was their idea, more young people on the planet + younger audience appeal = $$$$$)
Dan, never do that with NS or any other of you games, and please don't turn it into mine craft!

(I'll keep my fingers cross for a Fallout 4 with no dumb ratings: nudity, etc.)
Also, sorry for the rant, I just feel like running over dozens of copies of CoD: Advanced Warfare :0