[Mini-Mod] Booze and Drugs (a.k.a. BaD) (test)

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[Mini-Mod] Booze and Drugs (a.k.a. BaD) (test)

Booze and Drugs (are BaD)

Test Version


BaD is a mini-mod expansion to the vanilla game. It changes the way that alcohol (Whiskey) and some drugs (Sleeping Pills and Prescription Painkillers - for now) work.

Thanks to utilizing the new Threshold function, I've changed the conditions they apply so that, instead of a static application, the (mostly negative) effects are bigger, the more "units" of substance the player will use. Basically, each substance have several "levels" of affecting player.

(# of uses necessary - Name - effect - how long it lasts - aftereffect if any)

1 - Buzzed - slight pain reduction - Lasts 2 turns - No aftereffect.
3 - Drunk - like vanilla "drunk" - Lasts 3 turns - Hungover, Headache.
5 - Wasted - double penalties of "drunk" - Lasts 4 turns - Hungover, Headache, Vomiting.
10 - About to pass out - same as above - Lasts 1 turn - Pass out (3 turns) then Hungover, Headache, Vomiting.

5 - Took too many painkillers - Dizzy - 4 - No aftereffect.
10 - Took way too many painkillers - Dizzy, Breathing Problems - 4 - No aftereffect.
15 - Overdosed on painkillers - Dizzy, Breathing Problems, Bradycardia (slowed heart-rate) - 4 - No aftereffect.
20 - Dying from overdose - None - 1 - Death from overdose

7 - Took too many sleeping pills - Dizzy - 4 - No aftereffect.
14 - Took way too many sleeping pills - Dazed - 4 - Dizzy.
20 - Fainting - None - 1 - Unconscious (6 turns) then Dazed, then Dizzy.

As you can see, the amounts are not really all that accurate, but they are more as a rewards for the players for experimenting, rather than a real game-play mechanic, since there is no way to force players into abusing the substances. They can only do it if they want to. Still, I think it is cool to have that options.

Also, pills stay in the character's body longer than their effects (12 turns/hours to be precise). Taking another pill before that timer runs out will re-set it, along with the danger level. Booze is "removed" from the body when player sobers up, so there is no real fear of lingering effect with it.

The effects also don't interact with one another, meaning that being Drunk will not make the Hydrocodone more dangerous. I honestly don't know how to make such interaction (without complicated encounter system, that is).


For now, I would like to ask anyone interested, to do some testing and report back how the whole system feels. Does it suits the game right and if it causes any bugs?

For the testing purposes, the mod spawns enough drugs and whiskey on the floor of the Cryo Lab, to kill the poor Phillip threefold :D

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WOW This is actually pretty cool :D (going to overdose my character with painkillers >:D)