[Mini-Mod] Fields of Dead (v1.0)

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[Mini-Mod] Fields of Dead (v1.0)

The Fields of Dead

Version 1.0


I am happy to present to you a (actual) mini mod - The Fields of Dead. Originally it was supposed to be a part of the Mighty (mini) Mod of Doom, but I decided to release it separately (it will still be included in M(m)MoD by default) in case other modders might want to use it with their mods / for players who would like to add it to their vanilla game, without any of the bigger modifications from the Mod of Doom.

I tried to make it as small as possible, and only modify what really needed to be changed. So it should work with basically everything :D

Anyways - what it actually does?

The Fields of Dead mod adds another level to the body decay in the game - bones. Each corporeal/living creature, upon its death will drop a body as before. But with FoD, once the body decays/is butchered, it will not only produce meat (spoiled or not) but also a proper skull and a pile of bones. Bones never decay on their own, so after a long game the fields will be littered by multiple skeletons left behind by the dying creatures - hence the name of the mod.

As I wanted the mod to be as compact as possible, the crafting - while included - is minimal. Player can craft the Pile of Bones (no skill or tool needed) to turn it into 2-4 usable Bones and 5-8 Bone Slivers. Bones can be sharpened (by any sharp edge) in order to make a Bone Knife (which can be used in crafting or as a weapon). Slivers can be used in combat like shards, but are not sharp edges themselves, so cannot be used to make shivs. They are sharp points, however, and so can be used as the tips for piercing arrows.

It is a simple system, that can be built on or kept as is, for realism/immersion sake. The drawback of using the mod is a little more clutter during meat-crafting. For people with really old machines it might, I guess, matter that there is a bit more items lying around the world, in terms of performance. But with the amount of junk everywhere in the vanilla game, it really shouldn't make a big difference.




New Items:
- Pile of Bones
- Human Skull
- Deformed Human Skull (Hydrocephalic Human Skull - for those with Medic skill)
- Animal Skull
- Bone
- Bone Knife
- Bone Sliver
(- Melonhead Corpse) - same graphic/stats - just decays into a correct bone-set (deformed skull)

Human - human skull + pile
Melonhead - deformed skull + pile
Enfield Horror - just pile of bones
Dogman/Deer - animal skull + pile

Info for modders

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Creature ID 6 - Melonhead - changed nCorpse
Ingredient ID 91 - Human Body - changed to exclude Melonhead body
TreasureTable IDs - 398, 399, 400, 403, 404, 406, 407, 408, 469, 470 - all butchered and degraded corpses, have bones added to them

Please, test it and bring back the feedback. It should be working fine, and I've tested it with Mod of Doom and Chiko's Neo Scav Extended, and encountered no problems, but the more testing the better :D

Have fun!

P.S. Anyone is free to attach the Fields of Dead to their own mod, modify, etc. if they like to. Just remember to give credit.

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Nice little mod. Using those bone fragments as alternate arrowheads is a nice touch. Question... can you use the un-sharpened bone as a melee blunt weapon?

Pew pew pew!

Nope, I actually forgotten about that :D Seeing how it would be essentially the same as branch attack, it's not a priority, but yeah, will have add that later.

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Would you consider making the Dogman skull it's own item with the same look as the deer skull but larger? They would make excellent trophies but I don't want to look like some kind of deer hoarder lol. If you can't I understand :), can't wait to play with this.

Actually, the skull I used for the Animal Skull is the one of a dog (because in my main mod, there are not only Dogmen but also regular Dogs). Problem is, the deer skull looks very similar to the canine one (in this scale and graphical style I mean, not in real life) - it would be only slightly shorter and a tiny bit longer. The difference would be minimal.

Still, if I have a moment of free time to spare, I might try and experiment a little bit more. If I manage to make a deer (hind actually) brain-bucket look distinct enough, I will add it to the mod.

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Oh, okay, Thank you for the response :).

Please tell me we can turn the skulls of our foes into helmets!

"Did everyone burn their right shoes before the apocalypse or something?"

Nope, you cannot... Would be quite hard to put on your head, something that managed to fit into the head of someone else ;) Unless you're hunting giants.

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I'm not sure how it came up, but I've found an odd bug that allows for repeated crafting of pile of bones for Large meat fur and another pile of bones. I figured I'd let you know, sorry if this causes you more work.

It's not a problem at all, I am really grateful for any help in fixing my mods. Less bugs means more fun, after all ;)

That being said, I just downloaded and installed the mod fresh, tried to craft a pile of bones and all I get in result is some small bones and slivers, as it should be.

Is there anything special that has to be done to reproduce the bug that happen to you?

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I found a bug:

When using with NEO Scavenger Extended, carving up a corpse no longer generates fat, which makes some of the recipes like tanning leather much harder to do.

This is likely due to overwriting the recipe for carving up the corpses to generate bones, but not having a compatibility patch to take into account NSE's changes to the same recipe.


Is it by design that when you cut up the dogman with the shard of glass, it leaves behind only meat and bones, not fur at all?

If I take trapping, it does make the dogman fur hide, but the small chunks of fur are not to be found.

Edit: My bad, I had forgotten about the arrow that shows the additional results and there they were.

There a means of getting Extended's tallow and other drops to work with this mod ?

Edit: Figured it out, just add NSE:101.5x1x2-1 to the treasure table in each of each of the butcher medium creature and dogman recipes

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