New Location Art, and More Finale Revisions

Today was more of an art day, which is always a nice change of pace. I spent most of the afternoon working on an encounter screen for a new early-plot location. It's coming along, and I think it's nearly done. Yesterday was spent getting some block colors in place, and general layout, perspective, etc. Today, I filled in a lot of the details and subject matter, within the framework.

It could probably pass for finished as-is, but I think I'll take one more look at it Monday. Usually, coming back to a piece later will reveal some areas that need improvement, or I'll have inspiration to dress up some weak spots.

Once that's done, I may start implementation of the encounter in-game. It'll likely require a couple new item graphics, plus the requisite hooking-up of those elements. And since the piece is an exterior shot, I'm left to wonder if I should try to paint an interior.

So far, I've been trying to limit the pieces to one per location, due to time constraints. So with that in mind, I may have to resist the urge, and go with the single image for now.

If time permits later in the project, it'll be easy enough to insert any additional art into encounters.

I also spent a good chunk of the morning working on finale revision. I think it's pretty solid now, and I'll probably leave implementation until later. It's well-defined enough that the plot can arc towards it, and if any roadblocks come up, it's much easier to change a document than a whole network of encounter nodes.

So that's another week done! These weeks seem to fly by, and it always makes me a bit nervous to see so much time pass between new builds. However, I think it'll be more enjoyable to get most of the plot at once, rather than in tiny bites (should make more sense, too!).

And with that, it's time to start the weekend. Have a good one!