Quick question about cleaning with sterilized water

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Quick question about cleaning with sterilized water

Sorry if this has been answered before, did a quick search for water and couldn't find an answer...

Anway, the question is:

Do I have to use water multiple times on a wound or just once is enough???

Long version:
When I get a wound, I'm told to clean it and bandage it...

There's no feedback from the game on a wound being dirty or clean... and when I use water on it, I get no message and I can still use water on the same injury... so how can I know if I've cleaned it???


Bandages for bleeding wounds aside, the best you can do to a wound is disinfect it with whiskey or bark tea. If you don't have that, then *clean* water (that is: boiled or at least tested) is the next best thing. For a small scratch, once of whatever will do just fine (and you could even just save your disinfectants and only use water for that, the risk is usually very small). A severe wound however you'd want to properly disinfect. And if it is serious and takes a while to heal or if your health is generally compromised, disinfecting it once again isn't a bad idea at all, provided you can afford it. In the early game, with a severe wound and no disinfectants, repeating clean water after some hours or the next day might be a smart idea for a cautious player. So it depends on your situation, your health, your wound and how cautious you want to be. But it's never a bad idea to be extra careful with serious injuries if you can afford to.

And yes, there is no feedback from the game. Part of me agrees with you in wishing there was some. Part of me thinks, oh well, if I am seriously injured in real life my wounds aren't going to have arrows pointing to them saying whether they have been disinfected or not. ;D Still, this is a good suggestion. :)

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Thanks for the reply! It does sound logical in a way way... however in RL in the same way that I see that I'm cut, bruised or bleeding, I am also able to see if there's dirt or other stuff in the area... just a thought...

Another quick question regarding bandages if you can... on this subject I've found multiple answers... I suspect it has to do with the cautious side of things...

Do I apply bandages only when there's bleeding and then remove them... or keep them till the wound is gone??? I thought keeping them all the way was the way to go... then I was treated in the native village having only minor wounds and he actually removed my bandages! Hence my question...

Yep, that's another of those "be as cautious as you deem necessary things". My rule of thumb, in order of priority, is this: 1) Always instantly bandage bleeding wounds, even mid-battle if you are far enough and in cover. Blood loss takes a while to recover from and weakens your char. 2) If posible, keep bandages on wounds until they turn into minor cuts. 3) If you have enough bandages and/or an easy way to make more, keep all wounds bandaged all the time until they heal completely.

Btw, when getting wounds cleaned and bandage by any "professionals" in this game, all wounds will be disinfected, all bleeding stopped, and the healing process will be sped up, BUT... like you noticed they throw away all your old bandages. I always suspected they think they're too dirty to be reused. ;) If you still have cuts you'd rather have bandaged, you can always redress them afterwards.

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in real life you can see if a wound has dirt or blood on it.

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...I had no idea you could use water on wounds. I usually just give them a drink of whiskey.

Pew pew pew!

...I had no idea you could use whiskey on wounds. I usually just give them a drink of water.

(seriously been playing Neoscav for like, 120 hours...and didn't know this.)

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Yeah, its amazing what you can find out about the game, especially at the forum...
I knew about the water and whisky stuff, but had some hard time until i found out that you can carry your rifle at the shoulder!!!
I was getting the hint, after seeing some picture here. Then i only needed about one hour (or so) until finding out how to do this...
There is still lot of stuff hidden in the game, i think.

Next goal: install a secure base, where no damn looter is having access to... Really sad, that there is no possibility to install a minefield!

Yeah i agree with this i just recently learned that its possible to clean rags with straight whiskey and not have to boil them. And you can also clean wounds with Tannin Tea.

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