Mixed Bag: Plot and Code Work

Today was a productive mix of plot work and code changes. On the plot side, I finished implementing the side quest I've been working on, and began testing the various paths through it. It's a bit of a departure from the cryo-style encounter, in that this one has a few player-driven options that produce vastly different results based on timing, rather than many choices of tools/skills to use in a short time. I might have to add more tool/skill options if it feels too weak, but for now, there's variety in choosing different paths sooner rather than later.

I also started implementing a cursed item, which led to some code changes. The cursed item produces conditions which worsen over time, and while testing it, I noticed a bug in the chained condition code. It turns out that invisible conditions would not show a floaty when advancing into a visible condition. The chained condition would still show up in the conditions screen, but it could go by without the player noticing.

I think this was the cause of many player frustrations with poisoning and cholera, as only the final, debilitating stage would alert the player, rather than the intermediate stage. So this should be a good fix, once it's rolled into a new build.

I also started adding the ability to make weapons apply conditions when used, to both the attacker and target. I think this will be a useful building block for future combat enhancements, since I should be able to apply specific wound types in addition to/rather than generic wound levels.

I also found a bug in the item degrade code which caused some null pointers when replacing degraded items in visible hexes. I'm not sure if this would've shown up to players in the release version, but it may have caused some instability, so fixing it can't hurt.

Finally, I fixed the encounter system so that certain outcomes could apply the death condition. Previously, this was only possible if the encounter applied enough damage to kill the player. Now, it can outright kill the player, regardless of damage. Though this sounds foreboding, I think there will inevitably be player choices that should logically result in death. It shouldn't be common, or easy to do accidentally, but if the player asks for trouble...

That's it for today's update. Signing off a bit early tonight, since we're heading into town for trivia night at the pub. Pub grub and beers, woot!