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Neo Scavenger Save Game Tool


I've been breaking my nuts against the game for a few weeks now and not that I don't like or misunderstand the whole "Thou Shalt Die" idea of the game, I'm a little limited on the time at my disposal for playing these types of games. So based on the information given by the creator of this game, I've done the research and looked at the Action Message Format local stored object and decoded it. I've written a small Java FX application to deserialize the application and represent the file in a tree structure for those interested in viewing everything. My aim is to extend this to make certain things editable and yes, "cheatable", but I don't really want to do so without the go-ahead of the author of the game - that would just be disrespectful.

a) Would this be ok?
b) Would anyone be interested.
c) I will probably publish my stuff on sourceforge


Hey Rho,

Interesting tool you have there! I'm fine with you sharing it with players, as long as there are no legal issues with decoding AMF. (I'm not currently aware of any, but I haven't looked.) And publishing it via SourceForge is a cool idea, so others can see how it works.

If folks want to edit their save games, that's fine by me!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Thanks Dan,

Ok, after some odd issues with Sourceforge's repositories I just put everything on my github account.

For your perusal:

Let me know if you have any issues.

[edit] I seem to have an old version of the tool on this machine - I will post again when I have the updated code in the repo. Sorry for this.

Just wanted to belatedly say, this could potentially be very useful and a lot of players request something similar, so thanks for your work. :) I could use it myself when not at home and therefore playing with limited time, off a usb stick, on other people's machines. It would certainly beat digging around for and copy/pasting localhost files. So personally I'd love to try it out, and I'd love the chance to direct people requesting something like it to this thread. Whenever you update, and if you have the time, you could maybe write up a short and easy explanation of how one can use it, I think many people would really appreciate that. Thanks again. :)

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Does this still work?

If so, how?

Yes, I'm necroing this