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[WIP] RalTech

RalTech Industries is glad to present with it's first in a wide line of products!

TryXyliphyde pills!

Hello NeoScavenger Community!

I have been playing NeoScavenger for a bit now and really liked the prospect of modding it. So after messing around for a few hours I managed to create TryXyliphyde pills.

RalTech TryXyliphide pills

They work like campfires, just the effects stays on you while you move around. I thought that in the future they would have drugs for almost everything, so why not for fighting the cold! Besides, nothing is more annoying than freezing to death.


Spoiler: Highlight to view
The pills change the "MinSafeTemp" to -40 just like a campfire, this lasts 6 turns.
It also reduces the effectiveness of your immune system by a small amount (-0.002), this lasts 12 turns.
1-4 spawn in the cryo facility by default.
They can be found randomly in lone houses in the forest, in medkits or on bandits. Low chances in the houses and bandits, much higher in the kits (~1% compared to %50)
I haven't made custom images for the pills because honestly, I don't know how, and if anyone could let me know
that would be great!
I have added corresponding pill bottles to the game as well, but they don't spawn anywhere, because I haven't figured out how
to make the pills spawn in them.

I'm planning on adding a lot more features, I did this first because it looked easy.

-Lots of new locations (Gas stations, schools, banks, pharmacies, gun shops, army surplus stores, farms)
-New creatures (More wildlife to hunt, more mutated things, a bigger variety of hostile and non-hostile humans)
-New items (different types of drugs, weapons, vehicles)
-New abilities (Handy - Use less crafting material in recipes)
-New features (add more implants and augments, such as strength and speed augments. Weapon mounts perhaps?)
-Player mutation (sounds fun, but I doubt it's possible)

I see that some of these features have already been added by other modders, and in those cases, I suppose I'll either make my own, base it off their work (with permission and with credit given), collaborate or just not include it.

Thanks for reading, hope you find this interesting!


It didn't let me post this topic with a link without triggering Mollom's spam filter, so I can't post a direct link to the download, so you'll have to put it in piece by piece till I get it worked out.

*EDIT* Fixed, link is in the post


I just wanted to point out that multiple mods already incorperate many of your planned features it might be a good idea to talk to some of the mods owners about it.

Cannibal Family Picnic

I definitely plan to, and addressed that in the final part of my post. A collaboration would be fun!


when updating?

Looking forward to your mod!

Sorry Bigmac3003, I'm not sure if I have enough time to do this mod, I do look forward to updating it in the future, but for the present I will likely only finish my tutorial/help stuff on the modding help forum. Sorry again!