Makeshift Guns

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Makeshift Guns

I am looking for a mod that incorporates the use of makeshift guns while reducing the amount of regular guns in game. The parts to these guns would be find able but not super common while crap guns could be made easily.

Pipe: Improvised Barrel
Buttstock: an old buttstock from a broken rifle. Could be carved from a large tree branch.
Gun Parts: Primer Pins, Gun Hammers, Triggers, Sights, etc.
Handgaurd: goes on the front of the gun to protect your hand from heated barrel.
Improvised gun: 1 Buttstock+ 1 pipe + 1 gun parts + 10 mechanical parts + 1 handgaurd
Makeshift gun ammo: 1 pipe + 1 ammunition any kind
(the ammo would be inside a smaller pipe which would slide down the larger pipe of the makeshift rifle hitting the primer pin secured at the back of the barrel producing the gunshot)
the gun would not be very powerful and would have virtually no accuracy unless less than 5 spaces away. Just to make the game a bit tougher.

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hm... wouldn't craft-able guns make the game easier? Maybe if it was made as a skill with more than just a pipe gun but the whole kit and kabootal. Have pickaxes in the game were you can mine encounterable rocks, getting potassium nitrate. Being able to burn logs to make charcoal, then mix to make gunpowder, then use wood for cartridges to make ammo. Then have multiple crafted weaponry.

Good idea, but idk if it will make the game harder.

It certainly will if the looters have pipe guns ;)

I was thinking that by just decreasing the chance to find guns by 60% would make this a total possible and realistict thing.

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My Ideas Is too Survival to Me But Heres My Ideas:
*Crafting recipes
-Molotov Cocktail=glass Bottle+whiskey+rags.(you need to light it up Before throw it)
-SpearQuiver=tarpx2+Medium threadx10.
-Gun Stock=Medium tree Branch+SharpEdge.
-MakeShift Shotgun=Gun Stock+Pipe+Medium threadx10+GunParts.
-wooden fishing rod=large tree branch+Medium threadx4+Sharp edge.
-refill Gun ammunition=Gun ammunition+Gunpowder.
-HomeMade Metal Scrap Shield=Metal Sheet+Medium thread+Mechanical Parts.(to block enemys attack)
-Gun Parts=Screwdriver+any Guns.
-rtg Cell=Empty Soup Can+Magnetsx3+wires.
-Hacking Phone=Hacking Skills+Smart Phone.(to Hack a bank register)
-homemade Scope=Glass shardx2+pipe(same on bioniculars)
-Car=Empty Gas Car(should be found on abandon Cities)+Gas(Should Be found on Cities)
-electric crowbar=ragsx4+Crowbar+rtg cell+wire.

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