A Dead Man Knows No Fear

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A Dead Man Knows No Fear

This story and short following description does include plot spoilers. You've been fairly warned!

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So there I was, sitting outside the walls of the city, coughing up a lung. See, the doc said I had come down with something called "Blue Rot" and had shook his head sadly when he explaned that it was terminal.

Feeling defeated, I walked through the sprawl and made my way towards the fields just outside of town. As I walked I was fingering the bronze talisman around my neck. "Heh, so much for protection eh? Did this necklace really do ANYTHING for me at all?" I thought. I curled one finger behind the string and plucked as hard as I could and the necklace snapped off. That is when the world went black.

In the field beyond the sprawl, a monstrosity from the blackest depths of hell, appeared out of thin air and rushed towards me. In an instant my rifle was off my back and aimed downwind of me, straight at the beast. It was a far ways of, but it was closing fast. I squeezed the trigger lightly.


I was out of ammo. See, having much practice with ranged weapons I try to hit from afar before retreating. But I knew I was going to die, the doc said so himself, so it was a fight or fight instinct at this point. Where's the point in running when you're dead anyways? I slung my rifle across my back, with my fists curled and nothing to lose, I charged.

The Blue Rot will the death of me, but a dead man has nothing to fear right? I guess that black demon has nothing to fear anymore either.

I wrote this as it happened with my last character that died. I attacked the Merga Wraith with my fists and killed it (it's the first time I've been to the Merga's Realm as well). I do have proof for those who don't believe me ;D