Plot Work on the Finale

Today was spent entirely on plot finale writing, and I'm feeling pretty good about this draft. There were a few things which felt a bit out of place, and they're starting to feel more plausible and satisfying now. It's even got some ways to use under-represented skills, so I'm pretty excited about that as well.

Once that final scenario is mapped-out, events which lead up to it should be easier to write. They'll have a clearer endpoint to work towards, and hopefully, they too can target skills for better character-build coverage.

Finally, outside the main plot, there's room for random encounters that players can stumble upon. This should be a lot of fun to do, though it'll have to wait until more critical path work is complete.

It's still a long haul from here, as this is just rough draft, but I'm tempted to keep writing, and that's a good sign. It's also a good place to stop, as picking up tomorrow will be easier with that temptation waiting.

So with that, off to have a beer and some dinner! Night all!