New Test Build 0.9940b: Final Encounter, New Faction, Flaw, Items, and More

I've just finished uploading new test beta 0.9940b, which adds an ending, items, a new flaw, new faction, and several balance tweaks and fixes.

IMAGE( Looks inviting!

The build is available to anyone who owns the beta at, or on Desura and Steam. Desura (and therefore, Groupees) users can use Desura Connect to gain access here, or even get their Steam keys and try it on Steam.

To access the test build on the official site, simply visit the beta page, and click any of the download links below the usual Windows, Mac, and Linux buttons.

Steam users can access the test build by opting into the beta for it.

Updates Included in the Test Beta

Test beta 0.9940b includes the following changes:

  • Added new encounter location where plot ends.
  • Added new ending screen, triggered when final encounter is done.
  • Added two new side-missions.
  • Added roadmap item, art, and loot tables.
  • Added potato chip bag, foil item derivatives/recipes, and chips items.
  • Added new human faction.
  • Added "Enervated" trait as an opposite of Athletic.
  • Added text hinting at other humans after escaping cryo for first time.
  • Added text message to alert player if they are sneaking while moving.
  • Added new condition effect "EndGame" which triggers the game ending screen with specified encounter ID.
  • Added code to change or remove map and minimap labels via encounters, instead of just adding them.
  • Added new condition field aThresholds, for making conditions overflow to new conditions at certain thresholds.
  • Changed Hidden Lake encounter to be less arbitrary and more fair.
  • Changed DMC guard support move to only flag target if target is visible and conscious.
  • Changed urban ruins hexes to have more guaranteed scavenge locales on first visit.
  • Changed Stoat conversation to give different starter items depending on choices.
  • Changed King Eli/Liza to never use "ditch vehicle" move. (To avoid duplicate treasure bug.)
  • Changed GPS encounter structure to better support new entries.
  • Changed random encounter mentions of gangs to be less well-informed.
  • Changed AI battle move priorities to be more effective.
  • Changed eastern glow appearance to only happen if player hasn't used GPS to locate Detroit already.
  • Changed game over screen to fade out when new game started, instead of abrupt.
  • Changed melonhead reinforcement move to have lower priority (used less).
  • Changed skill select screen to use take/drop mouse mode instead of drag.
  • Changed document items to be stackable to 20, and ignore subgroups when stacking.
  • Changed random clothing loot table to be "or" instead of "and" for each type listed.
  • Changed Saginaw "Bleeding Internally" condition to disappear immediately, so only the message log remains.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented forest shacks from starting with scavenge sites.
  • Fixed a damage calculation error when attack penetration exceeded cut armor value.
  • Fixed a bug that caused ChainCondition and SetImmunity to remap incorrectly in mods.
  • Fixed a bug that caused rotting human corpse anywhere in ATN to trigger cannibal banishment when visiting market.
  • Fixed a bug that crashed game when loading a mod with missing images.
  • Fixed a bug that crashed the game when a mod defined a new camptype.
  • Fixed a bug that caused game to crash when loading a game saved during encounter w/treasure.
  • Fixed a bug that caused running to deduct fill move cost when run moves left was <= 1.
  • Fixed a bug that caused manhole encounter to ignore gas masks and filters.
  • Fixed a bug that caused game to re-apply encounter treasure, conditions, creatures, and teleport when loading a save game mid-encounter.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed AI to move into some forbidden hexes.
  • Fixed a bug that caused creatures to drop any item instead of specified type in LoseRandomItem feature.
  • Fixed a syntax bug in King Eli/Liza's starting treasure w/sled.
  • Fixed a bug that called solo creatures "leader".
  • Fixed typos in ATN encounter.


The biggest update is the new ending. There's a new encounter location on the map, and the plot ending can be reached through it. Some changes have been made to other encounter locations and items, tying them into this new place. Also, I've edited many of the random encounters so they don't imply the player knows more than they should, since the player has amnesia.

Warning: The ending is still fairly experimental, and may have issues. You may want to back up your save file before entering the new location, just in case you encounter a dead-end or other error. Also, I'm interested to hear what you think of it after trying it out!

Furthermore, a handful of new items have been added to the game. Some are mundane, like the humble potato chip bag, while others are more unique or useful, like the roadmap or special keys.

Scavenging got a big update, with each urban hex now guaranteed to have more scavenge choices initially. Forest shacks are once again guaranteed to at least start with one building to search, as well.

AI battle moves have been reprioritized, to make them more consistent and effective. DMC guards should now flag unwitting players less often. Several bugs were fixed, including armor penetration and ATN cannibal warnings. And modders will want to note some of the new features, such as "aThresholds" and the ability to both add and remove map text now.

As always, let me know what you think of the changes, and if you notice any issues with the new build!


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We'll do. :)

I wish you get a neat and fun weekend there, Dan, and have some pleasant dreams tonight, too!

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I've just downloaded the new version from the beta page, and think there might be a slight issue with the download links. On the page, there are two links for each version of the game: a graphical button and then a hyperlink beneath it. These are currently pointing to different urls. The hyperlink works fine, but the graphical button still appears to download the old version (v0.9937b) of the game (though I've only tested the windows version). So if anyone wants to download the new version, they will want to make sure they click the hyperlink.

Other than that, looking forwards to trying the new version :)

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Kyrer, that's actually how it's supposed to be. Buttons lead to the latest "stable version", and text links are for test builds.

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What about HumbleBundle? I'm quite lost, I haven't updated the game since v.9937b, but the newest version is still v.9937b on HumbleBundle. I tried using Steam, but I can't find where to update the game.

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You can follow instructions here to get current test build through Steam:

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If you have a Steam key through your Humble purchase, you can follow the instructions Rovlad linked to get the latest test build.

If your Humble Bundle did not come with a Steam key, then you can still update the game, but will need to wait for the test build to be approved as a regular build.

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I'm really liking the Enervated trait. Speaking of traits, I made a topic about handedness in Suggestions.

That is, unless you consider Philip ambidextrous?

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