A battle within

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A battle within

Testing the door, he found that, despite old with age, the sturdy door is still locked, and someone has seemingly blocked the door from the other side.

"Whomever is in there, I'm coming in!" Unsheathing his fireaxe, he stood infront of the door, as he brought the axe down into the door. Creating a hole, he slammed the axe down again, widening it far enough that he could see inside.

There was a small cabinet that was pushed behind the door, holding it, preventing people from walking in. Considering the lock, however, it seemed wasteful, as he smashed the axe into the door frame, unhitching it, and standing to the side as the door fell backwards, dropping onto the concrete steps with a thud.

Without care, he kicked the cabinet, causing it to start rolling down the hallway.

"A wheeled cabinet isn't a smart blockade."

Wandering in, he found himself in a house. It seemed that, whomever was here previously, they had converted it into a shelter.

However, it wasn't long before he spotted signs of life. Somebody had left a backpack and a can of opened tuna.

Striding towards the backpack, he bent down, and almost picked it up, before he heard someone charging at him from behind.

Quickly spinning around, he brought his axe up in time, as the looter had swung a sledgehammer at him. As the handle of his axe caught the sledgehammer, he reacted quickly, pushing it aside and swinging the axe at his assailant.

The looter jumps back from the blade of the axe, narrowly avoiding being struck. Backing off from him, he lifted his sledgehammer, ready to strike.

"I will kill you!"

Swinging the axe, he misses as the looter quickly backs off. Quickly recovering, he swung the axe again, this time managing to scratch the looter with the tip of his axe.

However, a violent blow from the side signified the looter's reaction, stumbling backwards, he swings back blindly, however, the axe is suddenly caught in the downswing of the sledgehammer, knocking it out of his hands.

The looter, quickly reacting, quickly stomps on the axe, as it's blade embeds itself onto the wooden floor. The handle of the axe snaps.

Recovering from the sledgehammer's blow, he quickly snoops down and grabs the axe, only to realize that the handle has snapped off the blade. Thinking quickly, however, he braces himself.

The looter, lifting the sledgehammer, brings it down violently. However, he sidesteps the Sledgehammer's path, barely avoiding it, before slamming the handle of the axe into the looter's stomach.

Stunned by the unexpected blow, the looter stumbles backwards, before being struck in the head by the handle and knocked to the ground.

Tossing aside the shaft, he pulls out a machette, as the looter, holding onto the hammer, jumps up and thrusts the head of the sledgehammer towards him.

Parrying the blow with the machette, he quickly pushes the hammer aside with his hands. With one swift motion, he slams his knee into the looter's gut, causing him to stumble backwards and drop the sledgehammer.

With both hands gripping the machette to add additional force, the blade slams into the looter's head. The force of the strike splits the skull apart, as the blade digs itself deep into the looter's brains.

Pulling the blade out, the looter drops to the floor, with a large hole in his head leaking out blood and brain matter. However, he bid the dead man no heed, grabbing the backpack and sheathing his machette.

Casting a glance at the dead looter, he smirked, before turning back and walking out.